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Scholes: Manchester United gave me a love for the Premier League? Don’t have the power – Sohu sports Scholes: Manchester United let my life without love   in the Europa League after the team lost 1-2 to Fenerbahce, once the United midfield maestro Scholes is not happy at the BT sports commentator, said: Manchester United heart ginger headache did not have the chance to win the Premier League, and the last three years at Manchester the midfielder will only make him feel more depressed. You know Scholes had been Mourinho supporter, and expressed as a coach Portugal crazy need time to repair team. He joined Manchester United scored 11 Premier League titles, 3 FA Cups, 2 Champions League champion Scholes, said that for now the United Mourinho need time to put their ideas into the worst team, ginger head even suggested that Mourinho might have underestimated Manchester this lineup to be like that take the helm of Manchester United in the worst. "It’s been a difficult time for the United States for the last three years, and maybe in the next three years," he said. With this squad, Manchester United have no ability to win the Premier League title. Manchester United have made me depressed for several years now, the better team in the Premier League Biemann United at least three or more." Scholes even doubt whether Mourinho has realized that the Manchester United really badly, but he was not very superficial to blame Mourinho, but I hope the club can give support to the manager. "If you’ve been changing the coach, then where should we go next? I don’t know whether Mourinho think this team than when he came to be better." This summer, Manchester United also spent a considerable price to sign Pogba, but the French have been up worth, and also the injured exit, Ibrahimovic suffered the worst occupation career outside of the game because Kell was afraid to lock throat additional punishment, had a good performance thanks to Lee is currently sidelined, mkhitaryan is unable to ensure that a place. Scholes believes that Mourinho needs time, but also need to invest more in the transfer market, in order to set up the team he wants. "The Manchester United in 18 months or two years would not make a difference, Mourinho may need four transfer window will be the formation of a belong to his team, so we have to be ready for." (Wen Zhi)相关的主题文章: