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.puters-and-Technology Keeping in mind the importance of data, there have been several rules and regulation concerning data protection. The prominent amongst all has been the Data Protection Act of 1998 that enforced in March 1st, 2000. This Act focuses on offering individual rights concerning the sharing and processing of personal data. Employers today need to ensure that they are .plying with the regulations set up by the Data Protection Act 1998. Furthermore, selected information sources that are gathered during employee record updates, monitoring analysis and health checks needs to be kept confidential. Data protection can turn out to be an intricate process for many. In the recent past, it has gained paramount importance as transporting, storing, processing and managing personal and professional data is one of the key responsibilities of an enterprise. Generally, data is lost due to the following causes: Physical causes System and hardware malfunctioning like disk controller failures. Human errors This takes places in two forms, namely unintentional human errors/ accidents and intentional error that are deliberately done to steal important data. Natural Disasters Calamities such and floods can wipe out an entire data center. Logical Causes Software corruption, i.e. a software containing bugs that results in data corruption. Advanced Data Protection Solutions Keeping in mind these concerns, today esteemed market players in application security programs, have introduced advanced data protection solutions. The solution operates in three phases, namely: Strategy and Design This stage focuses on evaluating your data protection requirements and setting up an efficient data classification plan. It also analyses the critical data, who owns and creates it, the manner in which it is used and shared and other details. Depending on a risk assessment, the data protection framework is set up to address existing and emerging trends such as BYOD, Mobility and Cloud. Control and Integration This stage helps you to implement the correct data protection and security technologies such as digital rights management, data leakage prevention, database access monitoring tools. Here the solution provider offers technical deployment and project management expertise to efficient execution according to the design criteria. Sustenance and Optimization During this stage the solution provider helps enterprises to optimize and fine tune the technology execution resulting in better alignment with business data movement rules, minimization in false positives and deploying a robust incident and consequence management framework for end-to-end vigilance. An expert data protection solution provider will always enable you to implement a .plete data protection structure across the information lifecycle. Today most service providers have undertaken a modular and holistic approach that helps you to evaluate, sustain and transform data protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: