Select high school for her daughter to spend a high fee of 28 thousand yuan cheated woman-sweets parade

For her daughter to choose schools spend the high sponsorship fees woman cheated 28 thousand yuan money to identify Yunnan network can read the famous? Many parents do not hesitate to spend high sponsorship fees, but to the date of the school, the child was not able to enter the school, parents know cheated but too late. Recently, the fraud Panlong Public Security Bureau police station of Kunming City cracked chestnut head "choose schools" on the implementation of the victim cheated 2.8 yuan. In September 10th this year, 11:40, chestnut head police station received a report that Ms. Lu, was a friend of defrauding more than 2.8 yuan, the request for investigation. Ms. Lu said that in May 31st this year at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, she received a friend Han Mou (male, 37 years old, Kunming) telephone, to a restaurant near Beijing Lu Lin Yu Bridge for dinner. She had always wanted to give her daughter to find a good school, he said yes. More than 7 points that night, Mr. Han with several friends came to the restaurant, and introduce a Zhu (35 years old, the men know Kunming). Zhu claiming to be his uncle, aunt are the leadership of the Yunnan Provincial Department of education, can help solve the problem of small rise school choice. Ms. Lu has always wanted to send her daughter to a school, but Zhu said he just knew the director of the school’s education director liang. In June 28th, Mr. Han called night invite liangzhuren singing, negotiate entrance matters, Ms. Lu transfer 3000 yuan to han. July 10th, Han Liang Liang said to give gifts, asking for 3 yuan worth of cigarettes and $5000 in cash red envelopes of $690. To July 26th, Han also said the school principals do not agree to package 20 thousand yuan red open relationship". After receipt of Ms. Lu’s bank transfer, Han’s phone can no longer connect. Until August 29th, Ms. Lu received her daughter’s admission notice, not Han promised school, which was found cheated. After the alarm, the police station to verify immediately to a school, and no director surnamed liang. Through the investigation, on the evening of October 23rd, the police in a district, Jinshan Zhu captured, after a week in northern Han Tianjiao residence arrested. After the trial, Mr. Han and Zhu were no legitimate occupation. Shortly after the incident, Ms. Lu is the daughter that worry about another thing, Mr. Han and Zhu Zhu family counsel, lied to work in the Department of education. At present, the stolen money has been squandered two empty, suspicion of fraud has been under criminal detention according to law. Police warned that children go to school to take the proper channels, do not believe that the back door trick, beware of fraud when.相关的主题文章: