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UnCategorized Life is getting tough they say. When you are in this part of the globe, you can really see the depression of many people. But then with just the keyword tool, they say that you can already earn through SEO. If that is the case, then people should be happy about this. SEO or search engine optimization is a way of structuring web pages to make sure that they get to be indexed by search engines. This is very helpful to people who are having businesses in the virtual world, through the Inter.. This makes them easier for people to find thus making them earn better. SEO is a vital key for most people and businesses to survive. It is not an easy task living through this tough economic situation right now and knowing that there is a way to get out of this piece of hardship is reason enough to be happy. The SEO works magnificently for a lot of people. This is because when your business is on top of the list of sites that the search engine returns, you can get more clients. This works because the search engines index the contents according to its content of the keyword that the searcher was looking for. For instance, if you are offering a tutorial job on line and your contents always mention the word, teacher and not tutor or tutorial, you are likely to never be placed anywhere on top of the search engines return search. This means that the content is not related to the ones that the searcher is looking for. The logic is if people will not find your web site in the first page of the return search, they will never be able to find you. Why is it like this? This is because people have the tendency to just scroll the web pages returned in the first page. If you are still in page seven, they will never get to find you and you will never earn a cent. But how do you get to know what keywords would the searchers want? That is when you would need to have a keyword tool. This is a program you use if you want to know which keywords you should carry in your web sites content. Going back to our example, if you use the tool and it will indicate that you should have the words tutor and tutorial, you can incorporate that in your web sites content. The next time people will get to hit the key word tutor and tutorial in their search engines, you are likely to get them into reading our web sites content. The ranking of your web site depends largely on how close your content is to the searched keywords. If you have exactly, in verbatim, the words or the item the person is looking for and you appear on the first page of the returned searches, you will get more chances of getting clients. And you get to earn! With the keyword tool, everything is made easier for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: