Shijiazhuang is now 8 kilometers of soil residue scattered nearly 100 sanitation workers clean up 7 -footman

Shijiazhuang is now up to 8 kilometers of waste residue scattered nearly hundred sanitation workers clean up 7 hours of sanitation workers clean up the scattered soil overnight. (the City Management Committee for 7 hours) hundreds of sanitation workers to clean up after the public security investigation report from our correspondent (reporter Sun Huifang) 1 am in the morning of September 17th, stone city urban management department in the supervision and inspection of the sediment transport order, found serious pollution incidents scattered pavement pollution, pollution length of nearly 8 kilometers, an area of 72 thousand square M. The muck pollution road pollution incident is the most serious this year. It has been reported to the public security department for investigation, and is investigating all the vehicles and construction sites. At about 1 a.m. that day, urban management officers found that there were obvious traces of traces left along the East Second Ring Road of Huai An Road, stretching nearly 8 kilometers north, until the Northern Second Ring road. Reporters saw at the scene, Heping Road to the soil road section of the pile of more than 500 meters long, nearly 20 centimeters thick muck, Yuhua road to Zhongshan Road section of more than 1000 meters of gravel, clay stick on the road. Urban management law enforcement officers in the investigation and evidence collection, the city’s two ring road management office immediately organized nearly 100 sanitation workers, more than one multi-functional sweeping car on the road to clean up. Sanitation worker Wang eldest sister said: "we started on more than one hour in the morning to start cleaning, connected with more than 7 hours of drying, basically cleaned up, work pressure, really hope they will not be so scattered."." According to the city administration department responsible person, this sediment spill event nature is bad, pollution of the road is very serious. At present, the police department has been reported to the police for investigation. Next, the city, district two urban management department will organize forces to cooperate with the public security departments for vehicles and sites investigation, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations for severe punishment. Citizens can call the hotline hotline 12319 report.

石家庄现长达8公里渣土遗撒 近百环卫工人清理7小时 环卫工人连夜清理遗撒的泥土。(市城管委供图)   近百环卫工人7小时才清理完毕 公安立案调查   本报讯(记者 孙会芳)9月17日凌晨1时许,石市城管部门在督导检查全市渣土运输秩序时,发现一起严重遗撒污染路面事件,污染长度近8公里,污染面积达7.2万平方米。此次渣土遗撒污染路面事件为今年以来最严重的一起。目前已报公安部门立案调查,正在全力排查涉事车辆和工地。   当日凌晨1时左右,城管人员发现,槐安路东二环辅路有明显的遗撒痕迹,向北绵延近8公里,一直到了北二环。记者在现场看到,和平路到土贤庄路段堆着500多米长、近20厘米厚的渣土,裕华路到中山路路段有1000余米的碎石子、泥土粘在路面上。   城管执法人员在调查取证后,市二环路管理处随即组织近百名环卫工人、多台多功能洗扫车上路进行清理。环卫工人王大姐说:“我们凌晨一点多就上路开始打扫,连着干了7个多小时,才基本清理干净,工作压力很大,真的希望他们不要再这样遗撒。”   据市城管部门有关负责人介绍,这起渣土遗撒事件性质恶劣,污染路面非常严重。目前已向公安部门报警,立案调查。下一步,市、区两级城管部门将组织力量配合公安部门对涉事车辆和工地进行排查,依照相关法律法规进行严厉处罚。市民可以拨打城管热线12319举报。相关的主题文章: