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Sichuan a kindergarten assistant to cleaners pregnant to blame? (Figure) – Beijing, August 26th, netizen "bright 13689" in the Zigong forum, said the children engaged in education for many years, Jin Douzi served as assistant director of the kindergarten, "that I was pregnant, feeling I can no longer bring economic benefits for her let me begin to create all sorts of obstacles, a dustman, responsible for health park, flushing toilets……" The net posts out, causing concern and hot friends. Which is true or false? In August 30th, through the efforts of journalists, finally contacted his friends Lee bright 13689". The 33 year old, 3 months pregnant in August 20th, she said, the kindergarten has a talk with her, she said there had been a major safety accident during the working period, safety management is not in place, the quality of education can not keep up, so to be removed from the post assistant principal, dotheir work (cleaning, toilet flushing). Knowing that I was pregnant, but also let me do cleaners, really too much." Lee said that at present she has submitted his resignation, at home to rest. Users post because of pregnancy was adjusted to cleaner Lee in the net posts, said: she worked for many years in the gold beans nursery, serious and responsible work. The kindergarten is pregnant, she began to create all sorts of obstacles, let her do the cleaning, toilet flushing, health is responsible for the park, the park to accept supervision. In addition, the net posts also said: the park has not been to the staff to buy endowment insurance, its behavior has violated the law. In the park I repeatedly reported, it promised me a padded pension insurance agreement in August 20th." August 30th, the reporter contacted lee. She said, jindouzi kindergarten is a private kindergarten, originally called Yan Han, January 2014, the kindergarten opened when she came to work here, and later became the assistant principal, assists the director do the kindergarten comprehensive work, this work has been continued until July of this year. In July 15th, Lee received a "employee job adjustment notice". The notice said: "Lee during his tenure in the principal assistant, resulting in a serious dereliction of duty, security management is not in place, the quality of education can not keep up, several do not obey the arrangement, affect the normal work of the kindergarten, the revocation of Lee, assistant principal duties, new jobs pending." Lee said, in July this year, because when the summer, she was arranged with a class, "at the beginning of July, I found pregnant, and told the director pengmou." In August 20th, the two shareholders and the principal of the kindergarten Pengmou and she sat together to talk, and issued a "call records". "The conversation records mention let me do the cleaners, from the assistant principal suddenly dropped to the cleaners, drop a few grades. And knowing that I was pregnant also made me a cleaner, really too much." Lee said. The zoo said due to the occurrence of major accidents in August 20th on "demotion records", Lee and kindergarten Pengmou have signed. The reporter saw in the "record" on the details: due to the kindergarten shareholder on Peng Yuan Long and Lee assistant principal management team during the occurrence of a major accident, the Yan Road相关的主题文章: