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VOIP From several decades, Siemens have been the major player in the areas of information and .munication, power, transportation and automation. The .pany is operational in more than 180 countries. Its handsets are the most popular in the market. Siemens have always been the first choice for people. Siemens manufactures basically three types of phones-Cordless phone, Skype Phones and Corded Phones. These phones are equipped with multiple features, and are capable of meeting all requirements for different calling purpose. Siemens Gigaset phones, with its several of features have been a fine discovery in telephonic .munication industry. Gigaset phones .e up with beautiful designs and cutting-edge technology. The list of popular Gigaset phones is ever lasting but to mention few are Gigaset SL 565, C 460, SL 565 Quad with diverse repeater and E 455. Bluetooth enabled, these sets give you freedom to synchronize all your data with your .puter. And if you connect your phone to data adapter USB, it will allow you to make hands free calls through Internet. Its better sound quality, voice dialing and hands free availability in handsets give you freedom of mobility a further boost. The key features available in Siemens Gigaset phones include facilities like 65K colour display, illuminated display Navigation key 5-way, voice activated dialing alarm call and date reminder, phone book transfer, call conferencing, call transfer, voice control .mands, Pin protected mailboxes, down loadable melodies, etc. Siemens Gigaset SL565 Quad Bluetooth Cordless Phone is newly launched Siemens Phone, which is popular. This phone carries a unique feature of caller announcement by name, range indoor up to 50 meter, and Vibra call. Carrying forth its good name, there are several Siemens Phones brands, which have got worldwide popularity due to its outstanding quality and performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: