Small Ya slapstick causing both melee caused other minor parents to be prosecuted reshacker

Small Ya slapstick causing both melee caused other minor parents prosecution of the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Fu Jingyi Tao for Wu Qian) children in the play, his other children scratch, distressed children "suffer", and "the wounded child parents had children ‘parents staged a of a melee, not only made a mistake in the demonstration treatment of children passing things, one father Zhou will bear criminal responsibility. Yesterday, Jianghan District, Wuhan City People’s Procuratorate in accordance with the law of intentional injury to prosecute zhou. In August 7th 3 pm, Caidian Ms. Chen and her sister took the children to the Evergreen Road, a fast-food restaurant to eat, a child eating for a while to shop in a small playground set to play. Not for a moment, sister-in-law came and told her, the child left by the other children scratched! Eager child care Ms. Chen looked at the baby scratch corner distressed, take their children to find "the" perpetrators "theory. See the menacing Ms. Chen, in the child’s father also painted a sit, loudly said: "the children fight is normal." His excuse is more outraged Ms. Chen, two people in each one sticks to his argument, the war of words. The children eat the loss, he was scolded, Ms. Chen swallow, then call the husband "". See each other with a telephone also took out he’s really not letting this go, call a person "". At this time, Ms. Chen’s husband Zhou rushed to recognize people, without demur with arms will be coated with a neck grabbed, beat his head with his fist, two men scuffled. According to Zhou confession, he mainly played in the face of the other and the mouth, with a fist fight back, also not resigned to playing second fiddle, but his teeth were knocked out. See the blood, the two sides came to the wife of the two men pulled open. The two father "ceasefire", two mothers in pulling the hair, scratching the face up, after the crowd was stopped. With the alarm, rushed to the public security organs, punishment week sentenced to administrative detention 10 days after find out. Zhou, aged 29, is a construction enterprise employees. August 16th, forensic identification, Zhou fist painted a face and limbs wounded, causing the facial soft tissue contusion, fracture of alveolar bone and tooth loss in 6 cases, the victim painted a certain degree of injury was assessed as a minor level. Zhou suspicion of intentional injury has been approved by the Jianghan District Procuratorate approved the arrest.相关的主题文章: