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Travel-and-Leisure You do not spend your African holiday cozying in the hotel or shopping in its markets. You can do that elsewhere, and may not want to brave the harsh life of the continent, without the air-conditioner and other amenities of the hotel. Yet, the best luxury Safari holidays are those spent close to nature. Africa is in its most beautiful when experienced in its natural way of life consisting of the wilds, the culture, the sun and the stunning land. But you can make your Safari holiday mesmerizing, raw, wild and luxurious at the same time. Here are some great ideas to make your luxury adventure travel to Africa both satisfying and relatively .fortable; 1.Use the hot air balloons of Kenya. The ride can afford you the best views of wild animals and of the land without having to walk or ride. Also, the breeze will keep you cool even in the hottest days. This is a good luxury adventure travel idea for the whole family. 2.Enjoy the cool mountains of Rwanda – Get to encounter gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitat and take luxurious swims in the Lake Kivu. The Volcanoes National Park has cozy lodges where you can enjoy hotel amenities while experiencing the wildlife. 3.Keep to the Indian Ocean in Mozambique – Luxury Safari holidays can get better by staying close to the cool waters of the Indian Ocean. After a day watching lions at the bush, enjoy a relaxing retreat by the sea with miles of white sanded beaches, luxury lodges and great diving and snorkeling. 4.Experience ultimate Safari holiday in Zambia – You cannot .plete your luxury Safari holidays without experiencing Victoria Falls. Expect close encounters cheetahs, elephants, zebras while you lounge around the luxurious Royal Livingstone hotel or in the castaway lodges atop the waters of Victoria Falls. 5.Exhilarating dessert experience in Namibia – Experience the wild and vast African dessert up-close and see its true beauty. You can take the balloon or the aero plane for your air tour of the most intriguing dessert. And then enjoy the idyllic African afternoon lounging in cafes and lodges along the river. 6. Enjoy luxury water sports in Malawi – The tropical climate of Malawi makes it a great luxury adventure travel destination if you want to enjoy the water sports and beaches of the Caribbean, avoid the mob and get some Safari adventure too. Sail, dive, swim and get a g.eous tan and get to see elephants, hippos and leopards. Spend luxury safari holidays with family and enjoy luxury vacations with breathtaking beauty of nature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: