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"Statistics and decision": exquisite writing   Zhiyuzhishan – media – original title: exquisite writing at Wuhan in July, jiaoyangsihuo. "Chinese news publication newspaper" reporter Mu tafang. A deep alley, an old low floor, a bold and novel design sign people — "statistics and decision" magazine to stop here. Into the editor is doing the editing work desk President Li Mingxing accepted the reporter’s interview. The topic begins with the logo design of the magazine. Li Mingxing made a hit off described to reporters: logo design, meaning "statistics and decision" convergence theory thinking integration, from academic communication, research statistics and decision power expansion. Represent the thinking of the collision, excitation leading viewpoint, a symbol of the continuous improvement of the quality of journal. After listening to the introduction, the reporter gradually realized that the statistics and decision-making was awarded the first China’s most beautiful magazine connotation and components. "Sign is a symbol of recognition and performance, is the best explanation and evidence". Li Mingxing side explained, while finding two copies of the latest authoritative report from the folder to reporters. A China is released "2015 China HowNet academic journal impact factor" report, statistics show: "statistics and decision" to the influence of the 703.665 index in statistical journals in second, in 2050 kinds of social science statistical source journals in the top 100. Another is the National Academy of philosophy and social sciences journal database released the latest index of the index of the top 20 ranking results, statistics and decision in the top seventh. Journal of the accurate positioning quality first founded in 1985, by the Hubei provincial statistics bureau director of "statistics and decision", since the beginning of 2001, in order to adapt to the development trend of academic research journals, conform to the requirements, to guide the work of periodicals from the "grassroots service statistics" to "the academic journals and academic services for colleges and universities". Li Mingxing told reporters, statistics as a discipline, more and more attention to the use of data in the field of professional speaking, the use of mathematical methods to analyze the social hot spots, a lot of room for development. Whether in the academic, or in the market, the current statistics and decision to find their own accurate positioning. The agency and individual users are distributed in 25 countries and regions in the world. "Quality first, the quality of the article on the hero" is the "statistics and decision-making" has always been adhering to the guidelines. Some journals have clear identity restrictions on contributors, but "statistics and decision" with is: whether the subject experts or graduate and doctoral students read, or the higher vocational college teachers, they are welcome to contribute. "We do not look at the title, as long as the quality of the article and in line with the direction of the publication will be used." Li Mingxing stressed that "quality is the life of a journal. This is particularly true of academic journals." After 10 years of the transition, "statistics and decision" 7 consecutive selected national Chinese core journals, 5 consecutive selected CSSCI source journals, for 3 consecutive years was named "RCCSE China core journals", by "national press index" as the core journals, and become China)相关的主题文章: