Strong typhoon swept northeast Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was suspended operation innawoods

Strong typhoon swept the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima, northeastern Japan suspended operations – Beijing, Beijing, August 31, according to Japanese media reports, the Japan Meteorological Agency announced the news report, No. tenth typhoon this year in Japan in the northeast Pacific offshore north of the line, and in the local time the evening of Sept. 30 before 6 in the ship Iwate County, the ferry landing. This is the first time since the beginning of 1951 the Japanese Meteorological Agency statistics, the northeast coast of Japan in the Pacific landing. According to reports, as of the evening of 30 local time 7, the typhoon center pressure of 97 thousand HPA, maximum wind speed of 30 meters per second, the maximum instantaneous wind speed of 45 meters per second, the northeast side of the typhoon center within 220 kilometers, 110 kilometers southwest within the eye of the storm, the wind speed over 25 meters per second. A dangerous situation in northern Japan and the evening local time after 6, in Miyako Island County of Iwate City, the country observed the maximum instantaneous wind speed of 37.7 meters per second. Since it began to rain recently, there are more than 300 mm of rainfall in Iwate county. Typhoon tenth continues to move northward in Japan, is expected to weaken in the morning before the local time on the morning of 31, the low temperature. The typhoon area or nearby areas is also expected to continue strong rainfall weather in the future, as of 31 evening, Japan is expected to Hokkaido where a lot of rainfall will reach 200 mm, the Northeast local rainfall will reach 150 mm. In this regard, the Japan Meteorological Agency called on people to geological disasters, flood low-lying land, river flooding, storm tide and waves, and strictly alert, and beware of lightning and tornado sudden storm. On the other hand, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Tokyo, Japan has also taken measures to prevent the leakage of nuclear water caused by rainfall, and suspended some of the outdoor waste heap operations, to guard against typhoons. Tokyo electric power company said, in order to prevent the strong wind, the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima reinforced the cable and water pipes, this morning, the suspension of the unloading operations at the harbor, and suspended the crane operations, etc.. In the past, the typhoon had been to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to bring heavy rainfall, it was observed that the storm was contaminated by nuclear pollution along the drain into the sea. In addition, last week the No. ninth typhoon in Japan, rain caused the groundwater level rise near the banks, in order to avoid contamination of groundwater into the sea, the output power of Tokyo electric power company raised water pump, emergency pump, improve the pump water. Tokyo electric power company said, as of 30 noon local time, when the water level is about 40 cm from the surface of the ground, and yesterday’s flat with the level of 11. Tokyo electric power company will continue to deal with serious.相关的主题文章: