Sure Shot Stress Management Tips-sunny came home

Eat Right: . When we are stressed, we tend to go extremes. Either we dont eat or we indulge in overeating. Both the acts are harmful for our body. Eating right, fresh and home-cooked food relaxes our muscles and makes us feel relieved. Food gives us immense satisfaction in whatever situation we are. When you feel stressed, you can prepare your favorite dish and treat yourself. You can also ask any of your close friends to .e over for lunch or dinner. Take out Time for Yourself: Give yourself sometime to think and recognise the causes of stress. Try to resolve the issue before it starts getting on to your nerves and takes your sleep away from you. If it is a personal problem, it is better to discuss with your love partner or spouse. You together can find a solution. But if it is a workplace related issue, then you need to .municate your feelings to your colleagues or seniors or your mentors. Dont just sit idle; keep looking for solutions. Practice Yoga and Meditation: Both yoga and meditation prove to be very effective in stress management. Yoga relaxes your muscles whereas meditation soothes you mind, body and soul. Researches have shown that these are the most effective techniques to manage your stress and daily wear and tear. People who practice them on regular basis do not stress out easily and remain happy all through the day. These can be performed at any hour of the day. It is not necessary to practice them in morning. Whenever you feel stressed, you can try them. However, making a daily routine keeps stress away from you. Keep a Positive Attitude: Keeping a positive attitude in life plays an important role. It helps you deal with stress effectively. Actually when you think negative, you tend to find problems everywhere. But when you have a positive outlook, everything seems calm and quiet. This is the most effective way to maintain the peace of your mind. Redefine Your Priorities: Reassess your skills and abilities and accordingly set your goals. Define your priorities again and make sure that it is feasible to achieve your goals. Set more realistic and flexible goals so that you dont get disappointed when you are unable to achieve your goals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: