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Business Jade has long been closely associated with the Chinese culture. In the Chinese people’s eyes, jade has a lot of significance, meaning, and power attached to it Tengchong County is a county of Baoshan City, western Yunnan province, People’s Republic of China. It is well known for its volcanic activity and jade carving industry On August 8, 2005, the Asian jewelry federation awarded Tengchung the title as "the First City of Chinas jadeite"; on August 25, Asian jewelry federation President Li Jingsong will crown officially "Tengchung First City of China jadeite" in Kunming. Jade is the cream of gems. Tengchong is the origin of Jade. Located in the western foot of Gaoligong Mountain in the west part of Yunnan province, China, Tengchong is a time-honored city of several thousand years. Its long history of manufacturing and trading Jade in large scale brings its fame as a Jade City Tengchung was the important trading port ever since the ancient time, the special geographical superiority and the deep cultural inside story, cause Tengchung to become the Southeast Asia important jewelry jade collection and distribution center, the jadeite processing and the jadeite culture birthplace. From more than 500 years ago, beginning of a matter of the Tengchung merchant opening remarks world jadeite processing had been established a very long period of time after new China, before 1996, Tengchung is always the biggest jade jadeite collection and distribution center, the transaction center and the processing base; it is also the only national import channel. At the same time, for it is only 150 kilometers from the world jadeite production area, Tengchung has effect of jadeite culture birthplace, created and developed jadeite culture, disseminated jadeite civilization Tommy China Business Consulting is a professional Jewelry sourcing agent With headquarters in Shenzhen. Having Built up good relationship with suppliers and manufacturers in Jade Bracelet, Jade Ring, Jade Earring, Jade Pendant, Green Jade Pendant, Green Jade Necklace, Silver Jade We can serve as your Jewelry China Sourcing Agent, Jewelry China buying agent, Jewelry China Purchasing Agent ,providing comprehensive sourcing services to clients of all size interested in Jewelry sourcing, Jewelry Purchasing in China About the Author: 相关的主题文章: