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Tesla V8.0 system upgrade automatic auxiliary drive upgrade – Sohu automobile Sohu E electric car park [] days ago, Tesla officially released its V8.0 system adapted to its models. In this upgrade, Tesla launched a new design of Tesla touch screen interface and car overheating protection system, at the same time, the Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving, navigation and route planning, map and other functions is also further improved. New media player: V8.0 car system uses a new design of the media player, which supports personalized settings, the contents of the collection will be displayed in the front center. At the same time, it is also free to switch radio, Tuneln network radio, Bluetooth and USB devices. Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving upgrade: with the help of the vehicle radar to obtain real-time image of the surrounding roads, compiled for the realistic 3D renderings, to achieve more accurate signal recognition and processing. When the vehicle enters the curve, the dashboard shows the angle of the front car and the curve. The updated auxiliary steering indicator icon shows whether the function is active or not. V8.0 version of the automatic driving assistant has a total of about 200 upgrade in Autopilot, following several important update: – in congestion in Autopilot automatic auxiliary driving performance is more sensitive, smooth – was repeatedly ignored in the security warning, security system after improvement will disable the auxiliary steering function – the new design of the Autopilot automatic driving assistant indicator icon – dashboard can show directional voice command identified vehicle upgrade: voice commands will make more clear and convenient after the upgrade. The new quick start and text feedback function to avoid the complex manual operation, so that the car owners can focus on driving. It contains three detailed upgrades: – press the steering wheel control button to start the voice command. – text feedback will be displayed on the dashboard to confirm your voice command. – the dashboard will also display a voice command prompt to facilitate understanding of the available command statements. Maps and navigation upgrades: maps and navigation interfaces can display more travel information and add real-time traffic and destination route planning. It contains a number of detailed upgrades: – view real-time traffic, and road based route planning. – long distance driving, combined with super charging station, to plan the best route. – adjust the map according to the location of the smart zoom to display the most important information. Slide to navigate quickly to a home or company. In residential, sliding map navigation keys in the application, the system will automatically plan the route for the owners. When you go out, the sliding navigation keys will guide you to residential. The overheating protection (Overheat Protect): the function to protect the safety of children (PET), which can make the vehicle even if the system is closed, in a certain period of time, the inside temperature can be maintained in a safe range.相关的主题文章: