The 21 million winner of 3 million friends did not lend an IOU to rencailiangkong-ca1806

2100 million 300 million winner lend friends not to rencailiangkong IOU Rosas award photos according to Canadian media reports, a Canadian 649 lottery 416 million Canadian dollars (about RMB 2100 yuan) lucky in the lottery after winning has encountered trouble. After winning the prize, her friend bought her 600 thousand Canadian dollars. After buying the house, its friends have repeatedly delayed repayment, this trailer is 5 years. Two people finally fell out, had to go to court. Rosas, a Canadian woman from British Columbia Province, won the first prize of 649 lottery in, with a total bonus of 4 million 163 thousand Canadian dollars in 2010. Before winning, rosses is a nurse, has been in the hospital for temporary workers. When he got the prize, he was very happy. He quit his job and bought his own house in the local area. Soon after, her friend: (Toca) asked her to borrow money to buy a house, just over 4 days, Rosas gave Toca a cheque for $630 thousand, of which 30 thousand yuan as their prize gift:, the remaining 600 thousand are interest free loans lent its purchases, when both sides agreed to: after a year to pay back the money. The "friends" to buy a house with a value of $700 thousand of borrowed money, but when to return the money, she will say next year again. Rosas considering friends did not say what, but it dragged on for 5 years. This 5 years, also: become a millionaire, because she and her husband bought the house in the Eastern District of Vancouver has now risen to $about 1300000. No fruit in the case again and again urged to pay back the money, Rosas filed a lawsuit to the court in 2015, asked: money. But "friends" Toca has said in court, the money is all Rosas gift of her gift, then we have not made any agreement. Hear such statements: Rosas is heartbroken. In September this year, after the trial of British Columbia province high court finally ruled that, to borrow 600 thousand Rosas: facts, but because the two sides have not signed the agreement, and more than 5 years has been the case, did not recover within the validity period, the money can not be forced to recover. In the trial, the judge asked Rosas why he was so late to sue the court, and his answer was, "I believe my friend."!" Unfortunately, her "friend" Toca betrayed her trust. At the end of the trial, a lawyer from Texas told reporters: "my client will appeal."!" (Paulownia)

2100万得主借给好友300万 未立字据至人财两空 罗萨斯领奖照   据加拿大媒体报道,一位中了加拿大649彩票416万加元(约合人民币2100万元)彩票大奖的幸运儿在中奖之后却遭遇了麻烦事。中得大奖后,她的好友向她借60万加元买房。房子买了之后,其朋友却一再拖延还钱,这一拖就是5年。两人最终闹翻,不得不上法庭对质。   加拿大不列颠哥伦比亚省的一位女士罗萨斯(Roses)在2010年幸运的中得了649彩票的头奖,奖金共计416万3000加元。中奖前,罗塞斯是一名保姆,也曾在医院做过临时的护工。   得知中奖后,罗萨斯非常开心,他辞掉了工作并在当地买下了属于自己的房子。不久后,她的好友托卡(Toca)便向她借钱买房,仅仅过了4天,罗萨斯就给托卡开了一张63万加元的支票,其中3万元作为自己中大奖的礼物送给托卡,其余的60万是借给其买房的无息贷款,当时双方均同意托卡在一年之后还钱。   这位“好友”用借来的钱买了一套价值70万加元的房子,但是每当要还钱的时候,她都推托说等明年再还。罗萨斯考虑到朋友关系并没有多说什么,可托卡这一拖就是5年。这5年间,托卡也成为了百万富翁,因为她和丈夫在温哥华东区买下的这套房子如今已经涨到了130多万加元。   在三番五次催促还钱无果的情况下,罗萨斯在2015年向法庭提起了诉讼,要求托卡还钱。但是“好友”托卡却在法庭上表示,这笔钱全部是罗萨斯赠与她的礼物,当时我们并未立下任何协议。听到托卡如此表述,罗萨斯也是伤透了心。   今年9月,经过庭审不列颠哥伦比亚省高等法庭最后裁定,承认罗萨斯借60万给托卡的事实,但因为当时双方没有签订协议,而且案件已经发生超过5年,没有在有效期内进行追讨,这笔钱并不能被强制收回。   在庭审中,法官曾询问罗萨斯为何这么晚才向法庭提起诉讼,而罗萨斯的回答是:“我相信我的朋友!”可惜,她的“好友”托卡辜负了她的信任。庭审结束后,罗萨斯的代理律师接受了记者采访,他表示:“我的客户会提起上诉的!”(小桐)相关的主题文章: