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Strategic-Planning Benefits of Work Based Qualifications The expense of future University places will mean many will look for alternates to the 3 years of full time study. Work Based learning which delivers formal University Qualifications is being piloted by some Universities within England as an alternative. The concept is to combine the rigours of academia with the delivery approaches of private leadership & management training consultants and learn whilst still in full time employment. The results this far are proving very encouraging for both the organisation and individuals. How do Management Qualifications work? Individuals are required to apply the learning from the training days into their workplace so it is an integral part of their job. This can take the form of building a work based portfolio or delivering a project linked to the learning and providing an executive summary report of their project for assessment e.g Delegation project – Individuals are required to delegate a task, plan how to do this, implement the plan and review and learn from the activity. As with many Management Training Programmes, organisations often fail to see a Return on Investment as many are one off days that have no follow up or evaluation. The benefit of work based Management Qualifications are many and provide real return on investment (ROI) for both the organisation and the individual: The organisation gains from improved results in the workplace which transforms to bottom line performance; and currently obtains funding support for all English based organisations The individual has to apply the academic research into how best to deliver their projects, improve the delivery of change through improved personal performance and achieves University Qualifications Increases motivation amongst the work force as the individual gains University Qualifications Identifies star performers – result grades are just one factor to consider, but those that gain excellent results are often the "hidden gems" in an organisation and take their development very seriously Management Training Programmes are designed specifically for the needs of the client, with the Accreditation fitting into the programme, and not the other way around! The important factor to the success of Management Qualifications in the work place is putting the primary focus on the needs of the organisation. By doing this, the organisation gets the results they need. This is proving to be a very effective way of Management Training and Leadership Development, and is popular with both the individuals and organisations in the UK and Internationally. About the Author: By: Rosario Berry – Millions of factories around the world are making the use of Manufacturing Execution System for optimizing their industrial processes. Popularly known by its acronym MES, the growing p … By: Rosario Berry – A lot of us, perhaps may not be familiar with the fact that millions of everyday objects are made from polycarbonate. In fact, a lot of transparent and hard objects in todays world … By: Rosario Berry – Grinding cylindrical metals may look like a simple activity on the outside, but not choosing the right one may end up costing your business unnecessary time and money. Especially for b … By: Rosario Berry – The Down-to-hole (DTH) hammer is undoubtedly one of the most important equipments for the mining and drilling projects. From boring to precise drilling, the hammer can give a host of a … By: Rosario Berry – The Computerized Numeric Control (CNC) technology is soon expected to be an important part of the future of humanity. In fact, the technology is already popularly used in various metal … By: Rosario Berry – CCTV cameras and systems have been popularly used by millions of business establishments all over the world for over two decades. However, most companies and establishments that use CC … By: businesssolution93 – We offer residential and commercial locksmiths service at the best price in Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga CA, and guarantees you will be 100% satisfied! All City Locksmith of Rancho Cucamo … By: Darshan – This article will guide you with the simple explanation of the job role and expected expertise a system analyst and business analyst should posses, which will allow you to find the exa … By: Rosario Berry – New textile machining technologies are continuously being developed to improve precision. The newest version of a textile machine is more likely to exhibit better performance. Visible … By: Rosario Berry – When it comes to power supplies, the most important but most overlooked component is that of the busbar. These are an essential component that will feature in just about any effective … 相关的主题文章: