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Arts-and-Entertainment What can be more beautiful for a military enthusiast if not having his own gun to be displayed in his house? When there is no longer the matter of shooting it, either because of the passing of time, or because it proves to be unnecessary, it comes a time when the gun ceases to fire. It is then when many of them are deactivated and can be safely put to display. The deactivated guns in UK differ, depending on their types. They can be divided into Bolt Action, World War II Sub Machine Guns, Post World War II Sub Machine Guns, Pistols, Big Rifles and Shotguns. One of the most famous guns, belonging to the Post World War II Sub Machine Guns, is definitely the AK47. The rifle was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov, whose name is also borrowed among the soldiers. In 1949, the Russian Army officially accepted it and has maintained its usage since then. The AK47 was created especially for mass manufacturing and for the soldiers of the Soviet Army. As they had difficulties in shooting with the previous rifles because of the low temperatures that prevented them from doing so, the Kalashnikovs simple design was perfect. However, the manufacturers expanded their production, China becoming the second largest manufacturer of AK47 in the world. As it was produced during the communist regime and during the Cold War used by other forces with the same governing doctrine, it is a communist symbol. The Type 56 AK47 is the Chinese version of the AK47, and the most used type of AK47, having been fired on all continents. Its former reliability and efficiency remain part of it, despite the fact that in UK these are now deactived guns. The fact that China became a rifle producer led to the spreading and usage of the Type 56 all across Asia. It was used in numerous conflicts, being fired with by the Vietnamese warriors in the war against the American army. Regarding the features of the rifle, as the Type 56 AK47 is a copy of the AK47, it shares most of its features, such as the combining of the fire selector and safety, the iron sight and the 39mm cartridges, but it may have a folding spike bayonet, unlike the AK47s detachable bayonet. Despite the fact the rifle is widely used for its reliability and continuity when shooting, its accuracy is not at the same level with the previous features. Its cartridges are quite big in comparison with other weapons, therefore the guns do not need frequently loading. Precious time is gained and goals achieved. The AK47s are pieces of the modern history and evidence of the development of weapons. Being an extremely interesting model, it is highly appreciated by gun lovers, who would cherish having one such model of deactived guns at display. However, their beauty is a dangerous one, as their ability of shooting so many bullets is a reminder of how many lives were lost because of them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: