The girl left the message afterlife goodbye bus driver to send it home winpm

The girl left a message "see" the bus driver to send their home girl away to the family a message "see" night cry alone in the grass, in the enthusiastic bus driver, safe home Changsha reporter Li Shengpeng reported the evening of September 9th, Changsha 602 bus driver Xia Jiaozheng ran the last train, via GUI Tang Lu Jing Wan Road Station find a white girl, crying alone in the grass, feel suspicious, she will help the car girl. Originally, the girl because of conflict with the family, the issue of "see" message when the girl left home alone, the family had been worried. That night, Jiao Jiao will send the girl to his family. Family said that the current physical and emotional girls have improved. The "pick up" a girl crying on September 9th evening, the sky under a drizzle, driving the last bus, busy 602 bus driver Xia Jiao day, think soon will be able to see the two children in the home, a sweet heart. 10 pm or so, traveling to the GUI Tang Lu Jing Wan Road station, she corner pointing to a white girl sitting on the grass. The car stops, she stood up, bent sideways to look ahead, confirmed that no wrong, she quickly walked under the bus, came to the girl. The girl is crying softly, Xia Jiao repeatedly asked what happened to the girl, the girl is silent. No way, she can only ask the girl’s home is not in the vicinity, the girl finally nodded. Because the vicinity of the site are very few people in the evening, a girl out of safety." Xia Jiao said, so she wanted to take the girl up, to sit on the bus, but the girl has no strength to support, she also can not support, a passenger car to see after the initiative ran for help, the girl to sit on the bus. "When she got into the car, she kept crying." After the bus arrived at the terminal, the girl’s cell phone rang again, Jiao Jiao picked up the phone, the other anxiously asked how the girl. She will tell each other, an appointment to meet at the nearby city of Lianhu automobile parts. Until the girl sent to the family in front of the summer Jiao heart just settle down. Jiao Jiao said, so she can not think of is that the girl is because of conflicts with his family, ran away from home, and sent a message to the family goodbye to the afterlife, scared to find their families everywhere. In September 11th, the girl’s family contacted her again and told her that her physical and mental condition had improved and said, "if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what would happen."." Xia Jiao sigh, "it is easy, did not expect to do a good thing". September 11th afternoon, the reporter contacted a girl’s family, the family confirmed that it did, said the girl is currently relatively stable mood. After receiving the girl goodbye to the afterlife, they have been trying to contact her, but the girl has not answered the phone. Night to send the wrong direction back to the residence of Jiao Jiao and her husband for the same 602 bus driver, belonging to the bus team of husband and wife partner. Because of her husband and drive a car, the husband is responsible for the first and the third, open fourth times, and then open the second and fifth summer good times. Turning to the original intention of the bus, Xia Jiao said, or because her husband’s work too tired. Prior to this, her husband in the bus, she took the children at home, see相关的主题文章: