The high-grade residential security embezzlement steal owner cabinet key steal (video) winfast

The high-grade residential security "embezzlement" steal the key in the high-end residential owners shoe theft protection class, the owners assured the key in the door, but the security officer jiancaiqiyi and multiple open burglary. Fortunately, the family dynamic monitoring to fill the seats, to end the Maozei. At present, the suspect has been detained in a soup. Loading, police comrades, the camera installed, and finally see it, I did not expect, the original has been to my house to steal things that we downstairs security officer!" The morning of October 14th, who lives in an upscale district of brocade Lu Yang to call the Xuhui Public Security Bureau Longhua station. Since September this year, he has a bizarre "lost" two expensive watches, but because of the police investigation after the scene did not find any suspicious traces, and out of the trust protection area air defense means and convenient door-to-door nanny cleaning, he left the key at the door of the cabinet drawer, anyone can find and the use of a key burglary, so personnel investigation, tracking work was stalled. Analysis of police suspects crime suspect that psychology, so easily succeed will not easily hand, so that Mr. Yang temporarily do not move outside the shoe of the key, so as not to act rashly and alert the enemy at home can shelter, the installation of a monitoring device. October 14th, according to the police in Longhua, according to the monitoring screenshot provided by Yang, quickly rushed to the front of his downstairs, will be the crime of security guards Tang captured. In the face of all kinds of evidence, Tang truthfully confessed his crime. Originally, the afternoon of September 9th, the security officer was Tangmou signed for a courier of the Yang family, is ready for delivery to the owners, but according to several times no one opened the door bell. At this time, he suddenly found Mr. Yang home in front of the shoe drawer is not closed, inside a key. Hot headed, he wore gloves with the key to open the door of the Yang family, the bedroom nightstand a Cartire ladies watch away quickly after leaving, did not do too much. He then sold the watch to a second-hand luxury store at a price of $25 thousand. In September 28th and October 4th, he and trick, respectively stolen Mr. Yang of a piece of Rolex’s and Ms. Xu’s LV handbag, a Cartire wallet. Among them, Ms. Xu is because during the national day to family travel, for the convenience of cleaning aunt house cleaning, will be temporarily stored in front of the security key. In addition to the wallet, the stolen goods have been related to a soup of stolen goods, cash, waste. Currently the case is under further investigation. "" "Shanghai today recommended:" hippocampus "this rain ceased in Shanghai next week over the weekend to rainy Shanghai Nenjiang road through the provision of Engineering: the future along this road trip to the Pudong a 2 year old boy fire channel window fall dead neighbor lost 230 thousand stone window down the Baoshan Real Estate Trading Center for on-site appointment to" cattle "fans" foot purchase ticket "big screen can not see the seller:" "wonderful" randomly set video: Yang Mi Liu Yifei’s birthday in "black and white" send blessings called heavy pains Huaian women’s shopping malls repeatedly stealing "circle of friends" high-profile show "spoils of war" (the video for finger extension) at any time, traffic violations! Sweep the two-dimensional code below concern, Tencent)相关的主题文章: