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"The most stringent national test tomorrow for   Yunnan provides 572 jobs Zhaolu 853 people – Yunnan channel — original title:" the most stringent national test tomorrow for Yunnan to provide 572 jobs Zhaolu 853 people 13 days, "the central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examination notice" issued. Once a year the national exams will be held from October 15th to 24, online registration, November 27th public examination. Candidates can log in central organs and institutions directly under the 2017 annual civil service examination website, Ministry of human resources and social security website, portal website of State Bureau of Civil Servants Recruiting department, job recruiting information query, recruiting policy, recruitment notice and telephone consultation etc.. In the national examination, more than 120 central authorities and their directly affiliated institutions and the units managed by the civil service law plan to recruit more than 2.7 people, and millions of young people are expected to participate. A total of 541 departments of the national recruiting plan issued recruiting plans to provide 15589 jobs, recruiting 27061 people the city (the ground) positions below 14107, accounting for more than 90.49% of the total provincial (including sub provincial) 1482 jobs, accounting for 9.5% of Yunnan a total of 13 departments in recruiting, providing 572 jobs, recruiting 853 people, compared to last year, down 68. Among them, the Yunnan state tax bureau recruited the largest number of people recruited 640 people. Yunnan Meteorological Bureau, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Yunnan Supervision Bureau, Kunming customs recruitment number followed closely, respectively, 51, 48, 33 people. Recruitment characteristics pay attention to grass-roots party organizations at the provincial level and above employ civil servants, in addition to some special positions and strong professional positions, all used to recruit personnel with more than two years of grass-roots work experience. About 15% of the plans for the city (prefecture) level, for the recruitment service expiration, assessment of qualified service grassroots project personnel, which focuses on recruiting college students village official. To remind the latest "civil service examination to employ disciplinary violations" has been implemented since October 1st this year, 2017 national test will be the name of the "most stringent" national examination. According to the regulations, applicants who are engaged in cheating or participating in organized cheating and other serious violations will never be allowed to enter the civil service team. (reporter Lu Intern Liu Ying (Orange): jade, wood wins commissioning editor Xu Qian) “最严”国考明起报名 云南提供572个职位招录853人–云南频道–人民网 原标题:“最严”国考明起报名 云南提供572个职位招录853人   13日,《中央机关及其直属机构2017年度考试录用公务员公告》发布,一年一度的国考将于10月15日~24日进行网上报名,11月27日进行公共科目笔试。报考人员可登录中央机关及其直属机构2017年度考试录用公务员专题网站、人力资源和社会保障部门户网站、国家公务员局门户网站查询招录部门、招录职位信息、招录政策、招考公告以及咨询电话等情况。此次国考中,120多个中央机关及其直属机构和参照公务员法管理的单位计划招录2.7万余人,预计将有数百万青年参加。   招录计划   全国共541个部门发布招录计划   提供15589个职位、招录27061人   其中市(地)级以下职位有14107个,占总数的90.49%   省级以上(含副省级)职位1482个,占9.5%   云南   共13个部门参加招录,提供572个职位、招录853人,相比去年减少68人。其中,云南国税局招录人数最多,招640人。云南省气象局、中国银监会云南监管局、昆明海关的招录人数紧跟其后,分别招51、48、33人。   招录特点   重视基层 省级以上党政机关录用公务员,除部分特殊职位和专业性较强的职位外,全部用于招录具有两年以上基层工作经历的人员。市(地)级以下职位,安排15%左右的计划用于招录服务期满、考核合格的服务基层项目人员,其中重点招录大学生村官。   提醒   最新的《公务员考试录用违纪违规行为处理办法》已经自今年10月1日起施行,2017年国考将是名副其实的“最严”国考。办法中规定,报考者如果有串通作弊或者参与有组织作弊等特别严重的违纪违规行为,将永远不允许进入公务员队伍。(记者 陆橙 实习生 刘影) (责编:木胜玉、徐前)相关的主题文章: