The secret of dry skin in winter is here norton disk doctor

The secret of winter bath dry skin are here to lead: cold winter, a hot warm bath of hot water will make the body warm up back. However, you will find that the skin becomes more and more dry in winter, perhaps you did not choose to take a bath products, or wait for a long time before the body lotion. Content: vogue fashion network pay attention to the temperature of the bath water temperature can not because of the cold, the water temperature of the bath is particularly high, too hot water is not conducive to the skin, hot water will only make the skin more dry. Especially after the hot, there is no time to smear the body lotion. Water temperature and body temperature is the most suitable temperature. The frequency of the frequency of bath bath in winter, bath every day does not make your skin more healthy, and your body is not so much dirt, once a day or even two times the bath will only make the body more and more dry and rough skin. Weekly 2-3 bath is the most appropriate. Try to change exfoliating products winterbath try exfoliating products for the summer, we will use your body scrub, but in winter if you want to give body to remove the skin, it is best to choose a relatively high matte oil products, such as oil of extremely high scrub, so as not to scratch the skin, but also make the skin is more moisture. 3 minutes after the smear body lotion smear body lotion after bathing time daub body milk must be in 3 minutes later, when the moisture on the skin just dry, not completely dry, the skin pores open, smear body milk can make the skin more moisture will be more durable. Methods apply body lotion smear method body lotion more humid climate in the south, generally as long as the coated body lotion is enough, but north because the weather is too dry, especially indoor air dry, the best method of body lotion + body cream. Apply body lotion or oil to your skin and let your skin thoroughly moisturize. Bathing habits around the world Hungary’s bathing custom around the world Hungary Hungary is accustomed to the habit of bathing in Finland. Because there are so many hot springs in Hungary, there is a famous spa in Budapest. Hungarian people used to meet, chat, play chess or even a variety of entertainment in the spa. The world customs around the world Russia bathing bathing custom Russia once Russia bath, is a social occasion, the early Russian foreign guests and even business negotiations will be in the bathroom of. The Russians began to keen to enjoy a variety of "torture" in the bathroom from more than one thousand years ago: burned red stone, a heatwave, chilled water, with all leaves tied into the "whip" the whip body scarred. The purpose is to make the body scrub, and our "bathing" is the same meaning. Bath custom around the world Turkey bath custom Turkey Turkey bath is a very historic bath. In the bathroom, a massage smear of olive oil for your specialty, and massage, massage, and mint, camphor soap daub after bubble, can antiphlogistic and analgesic and refreshing. Chong net.相关的主题文章: