The subject of the company three symptoms Sheng Yang Technology Mergers and acquisitions were 800 mi

The subject of the company three symptoms Sheng Yang Technology Mergers and acquisitions were 800 million inquiries hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money, reporter Xia Zihang, editor Quan Zeyuan Sheng Yang technology today announced the receipt of the letter of inquiry, the presence of high debt, high value, high performance commitment the company intends to two company merger phenomenon, this enquiry of "three high" to do a systematic inquiry, and pay attention to the symptoms associated with assets together unpaid donation details, because of the information disclosure vague, this donation is a little strange. Sheng Yang Technology previously disclosed, the company intends to purchase through the issuance of shares and cash, the total price of 805 million yuan to acquire 100% stake in Jiangsu Qiu Sheng Photoelectric Science and Matt 90% stake, and supporting fund-raising, intends to take to upgrade the main business transition to high-end optical cable. The acquisition of the subject of Qiu Sheng Photoelectric BOE and Zhejiang in the history of the relationship is the focus of attention of regulators. Qiu Sheng Photoelectric separation from Zhejiang boe. The Shanghai Stock Exchange will require enquiry in reason two is divided or merged, Zhejiang BOE operating performance; at the same time, the fair exchange also pays attention to the two companies in the process of re integration of the transaction price, have independent operation, independent accounting Qiu Sheng Photoelectric current. People feel strange is that the main natural person shareholder Jianliang Jo and Shen Feiqin to the underlying assets donated 122 million yuan, the net assets of the target company turned red". According to the verification report division, Qiu Sheng Photoelectric division to the assets of about 154 million yuan, liabilities 191 million yuan, net assets of -0.37 billion yuan. In order to improve the structure of assets and liabilities, in June 2016, the main natural person shareholder Jianliang Jo and Shen Feiqin to Qiu Sheng Photoelectric donated 122 million yuan, and Jo Jianliang and Shenyang Qin together hold Qiu Sheng Photoelectric 62.78% stake. In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will require enquiry in the supplemental disclosure of financial reasons, donations, sources, and Jianliang, Jo Shen Feiqin had the existence of occupied Zhejiang jingdongfang funds situation, whether there is free to donate up investment or loan repayment situation. The high value of the subject matter of reorganization, high performance commitment is a common disease". In the scheme, Qiu Sheng Photoelectric 2016-2018 commitment of non deduction net profit of not less than 38 million yuan, 60 million yuan, 69 million yuan, and its implementation in the first half of 2014, 2015, 2016 non deduction net profit was 5 million 523 thousand and 200, 2 million 444 thousand and 500 and 10 million 878 thousand yuan, the difference is huge. The same situation also appears in another target asset. Counterparty commitments, Jiangsu, Matt deduction of non 2016-2018 net profit was 10 million 500 thousand yuan, 14 million yuan, 17 million yuan, while in 2014, 2015, Jiangsu in the first half of 2016, Matt deduction of non net profit was -237.67 million yuan, 2 million 141 thousand and 200 yuan, 3 million 789 thousand and 200 yuan. On相关的主题文章: