The Threat To Tobacco .panies

Quit-Smoking Tobacco .panies have been feeling endangered ever since the launch of electronic cigarettes into the market. The cigarettes are offering a healthier way of smoking and safer route to the often deemed deadly habit. The smoking, vaping as it is more popularly called, has be.e a style statement with celebrities smoking the electronic cigarettes in the media. Thus, a large amount of the recent reports of FDA attempting to regulate the electronic cigarettes .e from the tobacco lobbyists insecurity over its growing popularity. Leading tobacco .panies like Phillip Morris have been attributed towards trying to get these manufacturers to shut down. Clearly the tobacco industry is threatened by the new technological development. The tobacco industrys pressure on FDA and the government to regulate the electronic cigarette industry proves they are worried about its growing popularity. The publicity that has recently .e to fore against electronic cigarettes has also been traced back to the tobacco lobbyists. The electronic cigarette makers have seen this as a positive sign if nothing else. So far no other smoking reduction products like the nicorette and the patch has invoked such a reaction from the strong tobacco lobby. The media campaigns against the electronic cigarettes havent really worked. The disadvantages of e-cigs are being advocated across news channels and online blogs. But the utility of this product and availability of a wide variety of sources online has led to dramatic increase in its sales. Now the fans of electronic cigarettes have flooded the market with forums and blogs attempting to increase awareness about it. Even the recent academic research done on the topic has quashed the rumors pertaining to its potentially dangerous side effects. Bottom line being even though tobacco manufacturers are talking of its danger, electronic cigarettes are and will always is safer than the tobacco containing cigarettes. Now, since the tobacco .panies have decided that the success of these products is inevitable and they cannot really fight it. they have found if you cannot beat them, join them. As of now, no official agreements exist between the two sides but soon, the tobacco bigwigs will join the bandwagon and the inter. will be flooded with even more electronic cigarette brands. Phillip Morris and Ruyan E are supposedly inking a very large deal hence it is only a matter of time before the other cigarette makers join in on the mullah. It is thus safe to assume that all these exaggerated stories of the ill effects of electronic cigarettes were all a sham to avoid the public from going off the nasty habit and finally kicking the habit and replacing the tobacco filled cancer sticks. Tobacco lobby will now have to search for alternate ways of earning revenue and since they are the reason the electronic cigarette business was born, clearly they want their slice of the pie. The deals might also mean respite for the electronic cigarette players who have so far been waging the war against the FDA almost alone. The tobacco industry should get used to being sidelined the electronic cigarettes are indeed here to stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: