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The U.S. will be expensive to develop unmanned ship surveillance China sea artificial island construction data figure: U.S. warships cruising the South China Sea according to South Korea, "Central Daily" Chinese network 2 4 April news, the United States will cost $714 billion ($4696 billion) research and development (R& D) in the next ten budget, focusing on the development of new weapons from. Local time on February 2nd, The Associated Press quoted the 2017 annual U.S. Defense charges request case reported that the United States decided to focus on the development of small unmanned ships and smart bombs and other weapons. Among them, unmanned ships will be planned to monitor China’s islands and reefs in the ownership of the South China Sea, if necessary, will be used to attack. The United States Secretary of defense Ashton Carter for · on the defense budget request case said, "the United States Navy developed without putting sailors (to avoid casualties) automatic operation of small ships" can also be carried out from the fleet defense to monitor reefs near the other mission, revealed according to the need to put unmanned ship. Reported that the United States another weapon is Rail Gun railgun (railgun). The railgun does not use gunpowder, and uses electronic force to launch projectiles. It is the advanced weapon that can shoot projectiles quickly. The railgun launched a projectile flying at 7250 kilometers per hour. The US Navy plans to install railgun on a new generation of Zumwalt (Zumwalt) class stealth warships (16 thousand tons of water discharge). In addition, smart bombs are also an area of concern in the United states. The performance of smart bombs has been certified in the IS fight off. Minister Carter said, "if the small caliber bomb (SDB) applies to the smart phone with the use of small camera sensor the same technology, can greatly improve the detection and attack ability."".

美军将耗巨资开发无人舰艇 监视中国南海人工岛建设 资料图:美军战舰巡航南海   据韩国《中央日报》中文网2月4日消息,美国将耗费714亿美元(约合4696亿人民币)的研发(R&D)预算,在未来十年间重点开发最新式武器。   当地时间2月2日,美联社援引2017年度美国国防费要求案报道称,美国决定集中开发小型无人舰艇和智能炸弹等武器。其中,无人舰艇将计划用于监视中国在主张所有权的南海上建设的岛礁,必要时将用于攻击。   美国国防部长阿什顿·卡特针对关于国防预算要求案表示,“美国海军开发了不用投入水兵(避免人员伤亡)也可进行从舰队防御到靠近岛礁监视等多种任务的自动操作小型舰艇”,透露出可根据需要投入无人舰艇。   报道称,美国主攻的另一武器是轨道炮(Rail Gun,电磁轨道炮)。轨道炮不使用火药,而使用电子力发射弹丸,是可迅速发射弹丸的尖端武器。轨道炮发射的弹丸以时速7250公里飞行。美国海军计划在新一代朱姆沃尔特(Zumwalt)级隐身战舰 (排水量1.6万吨)上设置轨道炮。   此外,智能炸弹也是美国关注的领域。智能炸弹的性能已在IS击退战中得到认证。卡特部长表示,“如果在小口径炸弹(SDB)上适用与智能手机上运用的小型相机传感器同样的技术,可大幅提高探测和打击的能力”。相关的主题文章: