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Fashion-Style In recent times, a new trend has been spotted gracing not only the streets of Britain, but our television screens and musical stages all over the world too. Lyle and Scotts ultra-trendy V-Neck sweater, adorned with the beautiful golden eagle, is fast a must-have wardrobe item for men and women around the globe. TV personalities such as Dermot OLeary and Simon Amstell and musical icons like the Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian have been spotted sporting the V-Neck, as well as characters from Channel 4s smash teen series, Skins. But why is the golden eagle soaring into our fashion-filled lives and what really makes it stand out from the others? The media has always played a huge part in influencing what we wear and what fashions we follow. If a fashionable celebrity is spotted wearing a new and unique item, what are the bets that item is a .plete sell out in the shops in the days following? If a celebrity like T4s Steve Jones can wear the golden eagle V-Neck with pride, then so can we! This recent finger-numbing weather is also a great excuse to layer up with a V-Neck sweater. With every other day bringing yet more snow, sending shivers down our spines, Lyle and Scott offers pure Scottish lambs wool sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts to keep those chills at bay. The golden eagle logo is instantly recognisable as a logo of quality and style. With so many designs and colours available, there is a V-Neck and its golden eagle available for anybody and everybody, and these simple yet diverse garments can be worn anywhere and at any time. So whether its down to the media and its celebrity influences, the need to keep warm during the treacherous winter months, or the pure quality of Lyle and Scotts V-Neck sweaters, one thing is for sure – the golden eagle is too fabulous not to wear! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: