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Through the fog, writing a story – Singapore Sohu tourism would you expect to have the opportunity to see the ancient city of Qiandao Lake city water delivered from oppression one day? Time is like a little bit quicksand passes, suddenly 57 years past, because once in September 21, 1959, Xin’An river river reservoir began filling. Since then, the two historic County of Zhejiang Province "into the" Thousand Island Lake quietly. Suddenly one day, the city appeared on the shore of Qiandao Lake, the ancient city of the millennium to rebuild Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore Resort Hotel, here has a small villa can choose, if can be considered art lovers or family places particularly warm today because the Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore directly fatigued by a long journey in the platinum Ree Hotel, built around the hotel around the ancient city of the ancient city, the construction of the hotel. Every single family villas, also has Qiandao Lake city people. To decipher their stories, to enjoy the luxury of light travel. The complexity of the emblem of the building made me very surprised at the entrance of the five lions Hall painting seems to be telling the story of the past. Tells the story of a thousand years! Waiting for the check-in time, I am here to take the bird, is very interesting, while the moon at night and take out tonight, belong to the night scene here if you do not shoot will disappear, because I believe that I can see, is the only one in the world! "Deng Fang" Ke Jia Lian bided only in one fell swoop in his homecoming. Singapore night is so beautiful, so beautiful night of the ancient city of July, showing its unique beauty in one fell swoop in Zhuangyuanfang, the stone arch is champion of the unique traces of thousands of years of his hometown, leaving the remembers to commemorate the story. And the cattle brother took the camera from the road, suddenly cattle brother said: you see this beautiful, white dove holding an olive branch in the mouth. The beauty of cry to the heart. Create new styles, this is your life? Just hang around, occasionally hold up the camera shot once, take these memorable moments you still remember the blue tears? Although I didn’t go to the beach to take these, but I have the honor to wenyuange Singapore can be seen as the beauty of blue tears! Stroll around a circle, on the way back to see their own little villa hanging Xue Xue door, really surprised me, happy to come too surprised, welcome everyone to visit the house oh!. Welcome back to the room, this is my place to sleep tonight, pattern and decoration I also very love, after all, the Chinese style decoration style is my most love room, hall. A small table in front of the bed, super love is great, really is not good decoration simple, yet luxurious, warm but was very low-key, this is the Chinese style decoration has been adhering to the concept of. Enjoy the night is a bath, it is such a wonderful day, tomorrow to Singapore to find the secret bar closing time, suddenly heard the see相关的主题文章: