To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the long march series of red tourism activities in Gansu will b

To commemorate the 80 anniversary of the long march series of red tourism activities in Gansu will be closing – Gansu Channel – Huining 23 October, (reporter Chai Qiushi) 23, "carry forward the spirit of the long march series of red tourism activities? 80 anniversary heritage red memory" commemorate the victory of the Red Army, the closing ceremony was held in the Holy Land Forces — Huining County of Gansu province. The event was organized by the central civilization office, the National Tourism Administration, the Gansu Provincial People’s government, since September this year in Fujian since the start, has been held in the 15 provinces of the Red Army long march. The long march along the country combined with the local reality, carefully organized and carried out various kinds of Long March theme of red tourism activities, design and development of long march of red tourism routes, launched a long march of history, the long march singing hero, promote and practice the spirit of the long march of the boom, has aroused strong repercussions in between the cadres and the masses. Wei Hongtao, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration said at the closing ceremony, the red tourism has shown a good momentum of vigorous development, has achieved significant political, social and economic benefits. According to incomplete statistics, by the end of 2015, a total of more than 5 billion tourists nationwide red tourism trips, the number of trips in 2004 by the number of passengers in to grow to 1 billion 27 million people in 2015, with an average annual growth of around. Especially with the party and national memorial day to carry out a series of rich content and various forms of the red tourism theme activities, to create a healthy social atmosphere rich, red tourism has become a resounding brand, has become one of the most loved by the masses of tourism. The closing ceremony was also held in the "protection of red heritage? The development of red tourism" million signatures, "the pursuit of a dream? To glory" the spirit of the long march of red tourism million people hiking and other activities, and the award for a series of activities of red tourism 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March anniversary of advanced units and individuals, the long march along the red tourism Inn awarding activities start a long march theme of red tourism routes. Relevant state ministries responsible person, along the Long March, the relevant departments in charge of the provinces of the brothers, as well as local cadres and masses of about 2000 people attended the closing ceremony. Share to: (commissioning editor: Gao Xiang, Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章: