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To improve the efficiency of production of steel enterprises semi annual net profit surge of sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament / reporter Jin Jiajie, editor of millet as of August 30th 19, 46 companies have listed steel enterprises in the 42 semi annual report disclosure, the 2/3 steel enterprises to achieve the net profit rose. Although steel prices in the first half of the operating income of most of the contraction, but profits are still up year on year growth. Profit and income increased by one minus, it is to go to the production capacity to gradually promote the overall improvement of the steel industry benefits. According to Wind statistics, 30 listed companies operating income fell year on year, 2/3 of the net profit growth. From the industry as a whole data, the semi annual report has been disclosed in the total net profit of listed steel enterprises to achieve profitability, while the overall size of the operating income is less than the same period last year. CISA statistics also show that the first half of the year, members of iron and steel enterprises realized sales income of 1 trillion and 290 billion yuan, down 11.93%; to achieve profits of 12 billion 587 million yuan, an increase of 4.27 times. To the production background, and vigorously promote the enterprise internal cost reduction and quality and effect is gradually emerging. Take profit charts of Baosteel semi annual report shows that this year 1 to June operating income was 77 billion 993 million yuan, down 3.44% over last year, but net profit reached 3 billion 468 million yuan, an increase of 9.26%, net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses after it is an increase of 17.11%. Baosteel said that in the first half of the total profit increased, mainly due to the company’s ongoing cost reduction, variety structure optimization and market development work. Specifically, the main business costs decreased by 6.23% over last year. Among them, the cost of iron and steel manufacturing industry decreased by 11.6%, gross margin increased by 5.4 percentage points over last year. In the first half to cut costs 3 billion 800 million yuan, completed last year’s target of 93%. Decline in the cost of many companies more than the rate of decline in revenue, product margin has improved. Last year, Wang Jiugang Hongxing industry losses in the first half of the year to produce a beautiful performance, net profit to achieve profitability, reached 227 million yuan, 1 billion 534 million yuan and a loss last year. Although the company’s operating income decreased by 45.45%, but also a rapid decline in the cost of 52.2%, the gross margin of steel products increased by a factor of up to 26.09 percentage points, the gross profit of coking products increased by 3.56 percentage points (). The first half of the same net profit turnaround Shagang shares, operating income fell 18.03%, operating costs fell by 19.66%, iron and steel industry gross margin increased 1.63% over the same period last year. In the first half of the efficiency of the target completion rate of 128%. TISCO’s first half net profit year-on-year increase of 371.75%. Although sales fell year on year, but the company’s gross profit margin was 14.9% in the first half, an increase of 6.04 percentage points, still achieved substantial growth in profits. In March this year, the full completion of Hangzhou Iron and Steel shares asset restructuring after the replacement, the internal potential of increasing相关的主题文章: