Tongshan County Xianning landslides fire brigade rescued 6 people (video)

Tongshan County Xianning landslides fire brigade rescued 6 people 28 noon, Tongshan County Tong Yang Zhen South Gate community old acetylith Factory Mountain suddenly collapse falling boulders crushed, two houses, 6 people were trapped, including 3 pregnant women. After the alarm, Tongshan fire rushed to the scene, from the top of the rock, rescued trapped. According to witnesses, at noon, Tongshan wind is particularly large, they are ready to eat out of the window, "Hula" a ring, he went outside, about 30 meters high on the mountain slide down a rock, then "boom" and a few loud, almost vertical drop stones in a building on the edge on the building immediately smashed through a building near the bottom, have been crushed stone, the car parked next to collapse. 12 mountain fire brigade arrived at the scene found that the stone is about 5 meters long, 1 high, have been smashed through the roof, a woman and a child buried pressure, women’s waist and below all buried, the child’s leg was buried; another stone hit half span building, 3 pregnant women are trapped, one of the two floor of the severely injured pregnant women. This is an emergency, the fire went into action, evacuated the surrounding people, rescue officers and soldiers using 9 meter metal pull ladder opens the life-saving passage to rescue trapped pregnant woman and a middle-aged woman, 4 people in the fire escorted from the metal ladder climb down to a safe place. The other group is the use of hydraulic shears expansion device the hydraulic support device to rescue the buried pressure of the women and the little boy. The site was filled with a smell of gas, two per capita was pinned legs, unable to move, and next to the wall also looks shaky, it seems may collapse at any time. The scene is cramped, only one person in front of the injured. The situation is critical, Wang Zelin soldiers volunteered, risked his life to enter the scene, he nearby with the door was smashed up near the collapse of the wall, and then cut off the little boy cut spread legs next to the wood, then carefully with his hand child near the broken stone, about 15 minutes later, he will the little boy handed out. Then, he climbed up to the woman and, with cut spread up next to the wall, and then hand out a piece of brick, the leg out of space, he will be women pulled out, then we will together she carried out the ambulance. It is understood that after the incident, Tongshan County Government attaches great importance to immediately organize the mass evacuation, the patron of all the residents moved to safe areas, and living resettlement. At 18 PM, the reporter learned that, at present, saved by trying to rescue the injured, no danger, rescue work is still in progress. (reporter Zhou Peng correspondent Wang Wenliang Zhu Yanlin) recommended reading: Photos: Hubei millennium love lock tomb is general couple photos: Wuhan Metro Airport line is really exciting! The 3 crossing the ground! 20 day old baby cough throat surgery on the eve of the National Day gift teratoma Shuangseqiu hi Xianning lottery 7 million 750 thousand big red Hubei November marriage license free visa service charges also cancel the relevant video Lhasa landslides rescue scene has found 36 bodies of the victims相关的主题文章: