Top 10 Best Party Favors For Your Princess Birthday

Home-and-Family preparing for an princess party? There are so many selections to consider that the possibilities seem endless. In this article, we will discuss princess birthday party favor ideas from the simple and inexpensive to those that are more elaborate. We always consider the busy moms in our selections of course. When thinking of royalty very often the crown jewels .e to mind. Why not make your version of the crown jewels party favor? It can take on a few different styles. First, you can select a do-it-yourself wooden treasure chest, where the guests decorate their own small treasure chest with stick on jewels, stickers, glitter glue and paint. This is a great .bination of party craft and favor. If you’re not enthusiastic about all of the potential mess with a DYO craft project, then you can just purchase small cardboard pink treasure chests that are made especially for holding birthday party loot. Each treasure chest can be filled with big jeweled rings, brightly colored necklaces and candy rings. No princess party is .plete without tiaras and magical wands. If all of your party guests are arriving in full prince or princess dress up, then .plete their ensemble with a crown or tiara and wand. You can get these items at most discount stores as well as online party supply stores. No need for them to all match, you can select a variety of colors and styles to fit the variety of guests that will be attending the party. Make sure to buy a few extra in case one of the guests accidently steps on one or breaks one during the party. Since no jesters will be at your party to cheer up your guests, so squirreling away an extra tiara or wand if a problem occurs is the best way to prevent those tears from flowing. Depending on how much money you want to spend, you could also add matching feather boas to the mix which are tons of fun and make for great pictures. If you want other ways to .bine party crafts and princess birthday party favors, you can always purchase a DYO tiara or DYO wand kit which are prepackaged with all the necessary accessories for decorating. Or head to your local craft store and select the do it yourself decorating trinkets such as sequins, glitter glue, foam letter stickers and stick on jewels. Most craft stores also carry foam tiaras and princess cone hats in an assortment of colors that are also great for princess party decorating projects. Check out the innovative star treat pan by Wilton. With this pan, you can easily make edible star wands on a stick with cookie dough, brownie mix, cereal treats or cake mix. If you can’t locate the pan in a store or online, or if you want to do it the old fashion way, just use a star cookie cutter to cut out the brownies, cookies or cereal treats in the shape of stars and insert a lollipop stick into the bottom. The fun part .es in decorating the wands. Have the party guests use edible markers, edible glitter, sprinkles or M&Ms to decorate the treats, or you can decorate them in advance and just give them as gifts to the royal party goers. Just insert the decorated edible wands into a clear plastic bag, wrap the stick with a twist tie and you’ve transformed this tasty treat into an edible princess party favor. You could even wrap the sticks in colorful ribbon and display them at the party by sticking the lollipop sticks into a Styrofoam block. The positive side to this party gift is that it is also fun for the girls to decorate while at the party, so you’ve ac.plished two tasks in one. Problem? could be a big mess to clean up! If you don’t want to spend tons of time and money dreaming up party favors for your princess, you can start by just upgrading the traditional party bag to a princess themed party bag. You can purchase cellophane party bags in sets of 12 with crowns and the word "princess" printed on the outside, or upgrade to a reusable bag made from felt or cotton that is decorated with marabou, embroidery, and jewels. Another unique option for a princess party bag is to turn a small (but fancy) dress up purse into a party bag and place all kinds things little girls love inside of it. Little girls love their stuff, and having an extra fancy bag to put it all in is sure to be a big hit. Sure to fit into most party bags as well as most budgets is a small booklet of princess tattoos. You could also apply these tattoos to the children during the party making for a great party project — both boys and girls alike all love their temporary tattoos. Typically you can find these for under $2 for a book of 6 tattoos and under $1 for individual tattoos. All little girls love to color, so you can’t go wrong by adding a princess coloring book to the party favor bag. You can find stained glass coloring books and mini coloring books all with princess themes which are great (and unique) party favor gifts. Even if their hair is short, little girls love to wear hair clips, hair bands and bows. Hair accessories make great gift toppers too! Just place a cute princess ring or crown bracelet in a pastel cardboard jewelry box, tie with a pretty ribbon and top with a cute crown hair clip. Two gifts in one! Princess jewelry for little girls can .e in a variety of price points and quality levels. Crown necklaces, bracelets and rings or even a happily ever after princess charm bracelet. Big on impact but small on cost. What would be better than a wand that doubles as a pen? Or a big pink, puffy marabou tiara pen? Fun and funky princess themed pens are perfect for writing in journals or just doodling around. Pair up a princess pen with a little crown note pad or penny purse for a cute and unique party favor duo. Princess photo frame and party picture This one might take a little more effort on your end, but could result in a great, memorable party favor. Purchase princess photo frames in advance for each party goer and while at the party, take a picture of each girl in attendance. You can spice it up by adding a carriage photo prop or a picture with the "queen for a day." Purchase some photo paper and print the photos while the party is still raging. This is definitely not a party favor that will end up in the trash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: