TOYOTA and Mazda will work together to create pure electric vehicles ppbox

TOYOTA and Mazda will cooperate to build a pure electric vehicle Phoenix Automotive News   recently, overseas media reported that TOYOTA and Mazda are potential cooperation in business negotiation, this cooperation in addition to the technical level of cooperation, the two sides also plan to jointly build a pure electric vehicle. According to foreign media reports, TOYOTA and Mazda are currently working on business negotiations, but the specific details have not yet announced. In fact, as early as last year, TOYOTA and Mazda reached an agreement, the two sides will establish a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation model, based on this agreement, both sides jointly set up a committee to assess how to use the advantages of both sides to carry out an extensive and meaningful cooperation. And on the cooperation agreement reached in cooperation with advanced security systems and alternative vehicle power systems, etc.. Mazda will receive Honda’s support for fuel cell technology and hybrid technology, in exchange for Mazda will be efficient in the creation of blue sky engine technology and TOYOTA share. And cooperation between the two sides can help each other to establish a more solid economic foundation and technological innovation challenges. TOYOTA President Akiotoyoda said: in the future development direction of automotive technology and Mazda have insight into the future, and the cooperation of the two companies are very optimistic about the prospects for the future, the combination will bring about a win-win situation. In addition, Mazda and TOYOTA will share a company located in Mexico automobile factory, the factory will produce 2 cars Mazda and TOYOTA Yaris iA. More new car information, please pay attention to Phoenix automotive channel.相关的主题文章: