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Tsinghua University bare candidates accounted for less "Olympic" won the favor of Zhu Yaozheng (in) in the exchange of students and learning experience. Admitted to Tsinghua University, only learning achievement outstanding high school students can be achieved. With the pace of implementation of college entrance examination reform and national examination in the future, if want to go to these schools, in addition to good grades, "Olympic", independent recruitment has become an important way. I interviewed found that with the change of college enrollment policy, this year, the "Olympic" achievement occupies an important position in the University admitted in the school. To 4 in Xiangyang as an example, last year the school 26 people on the Tsinghua University, which in addition to the 5 people is bare of all other achievements, through "Olympiad", independent recruitment. For high school, do a good job in the competition in the college entrance examination has a great advantage. This year the national physics contest 14 in Xiangyang won the first prize of 10 in the afternoon, I went to the room to see the fifth Physics Olympiad, Zhu Yaozheng with students in the classroom brush Title desktop is finishing his ten cm thick paper filled. Zhu Yaozheng, his parents are mechanic, he was on the mechanical operation has a keen interest in the junior middle school physical contact, is even more obsessed, often looked at the tall buildings going up by, thinking of the physical mechanical and electrical is how to apply to the building to the. Around a lot of works, as well as house structure, are from the mechanical, electrical principles." Zhu Yaozheng said, usually nothing he likes to study while learning. Because of the physical performance, high school, Zhu Yaozheng selected Physics Olympiad team, began to learn physics knowledge. High school two years down, he had reached more than 2000 Physics Olympiad title, at present his theory has reached the level of the second grade level of university. It is understood that in the just concluded thirty-third National Physics Olympiad in Xiangyang, a total of 14 people won the national first prize, the total number of winners in the province after Wuhan. Among them, the first prize of the National Physics Olympiad winner Zhu Yaozheng, 80 first prize in the province ranked second, the end of October, he will represent Hubei to participate in the national finals, in addition to points outside is also expected to get recommended qualification. Elite candidates accounted for less than the bare "Olympic" in favor of Xiangyang fifth again according to the Physics Olympiad coach Li Yi introduction, "Olympic" has to regain the favor. In June this year in Hubei university enrollment, there are 8 students into two schools, through competition and independent recruitment selection to go, in Hubei Province, only 1/5 of the children, is a direct test to pass the college entrance examination, and this proportion is still widening trend to continue. This has fully demonstrated the "Olympic" in the college admissions, especially admitted to Qinghua Beijing University and other schools in weight. His analysis, the emergence of this situation, mainly because the current entrance selection mode will change soon, in addition to the number of language subjects compulsory, the other six families are designated a grade, it is difficult to select a unique talent and discipline specialty talents. In this context, from Beijing to Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and Wuhan City, will pay more attention to the competition, because it can accurately select to learn the expertise of students, and these students after entering university, have strong competitiveness. "They were in the middle of the race相关的主题文章: