U.S. media U.S. President Obama’s visit to Cuba in March or in the new network-ca1816

U.S. media: U.S. President Obama’s visit to Cuba in March or – Beijing, Beijing, 18 February, according to American Broadcasting Company ABC reports, an anonymous source said, President Obama plans to visit Cuba in March, plans to visit if the trip, Obama will be 80 years, the first official visit to Cuba’s president of the United states. Reported that the source also said that the U.S. National Security Council officials prepare to make the above statement at the White House briefing on 18 local time. The report pointed out that President Obama and Cuban leader Castro announced the normalization of relations between the two countries in December 17, 2014. The two countries started negotiations on the reconstruction of diplomatic relations in January 2015, and formally resumed diplomatic relations in July 20th. But the United States has not yet fully lifted its blockade of Cuba for more than half a century. Subsequently, the United States and Cuba signed an agreement at local time on February 16th to resume a scheduled flight interrupted for more than half a century. It is reported that before the departure of Obama, the Obama administration is eager to establish trade and diplomatic relations with cuba. The next few weeks is particularly important, especially Obama wish to visit Havana before the end of March.

美媒:美国总统奥巴马或于3月访问古巴-中新网   中新网2月18日电 据美国广播公司ABC报道,有匿名消息来源称,美国总统奥巴马将计划于3月访问古巴,若此次出访计划成行,奥巴马将成为80年来,首位正式访问古巴的美国总统。   报道称,该消息来源还表示,美国国家安全委员会官员准备在当地时间18日的白宫简报中做出以上声明。   报道指出,美国总统奥巴马和古巴领导人卡斯特罗在2014年12月17日宣布两国启动关系正常化进程,两国在2015年1月展开重建外交关系的谈判,于7月20日正式恢复外交关系。但美国仍未全面解除对古巴持续半个多世纪的封锁。   随后,美国与古巴于当地时间2月16日签署协议,恢复中断超过半个世纪的定期航班。   据悉,在奥巴马卸任之前,奥巴马当局也急切的希望和古巴之间建立贸易与外交关系。接下来的几周显得尤为重要,尤其是奥巴马希望在3月底之前访问哈瓦那。相关的主题文章: