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The U.S. warships into Xisha to enhance the risk of conflict foreign media: Philippine " beauty and sorrow; and " data figure: Decatur missile destroyer ship into the original title: American Xisha to enhance the risk of conflict: Philippine foreign media " and " in the United States worry; Reference News Network reported in October 24 foreign media said, after Philippines said with the Chinese re alliance, America has adopted the latest "freedom of navigation" action. Experts warn that the risk of conflict in the South China Sea could increase after the U.S. Navy took the latest "freedom of navigation" in the disputed waters. According to Hongkong’s "South China Morning Post" website reported on October 23rd, U.S. officials said the U.S. Navy destroyer Decatur "on the 21 day in the Paracel Islands island and nearby Yongxing Island Challenge" excessive maritime claims Chinese". Military and diplomatic observers have warned that the region’s balance of power has changed after Philippines’s strategic realignment, and the risk of a military conflict between the two big powers is likely to increase. Renato, a researcher at the center for East West studies at, a Washington think-tank, said: "what Mr Duthel Te is doing is increasing the tensions between China and the United States that are already existing in the ·," said ·…… And opened another confrontation between China and the United states." He also said that if the United States lost its foothold in Philippines, it may be somewhere else ignition". Chinese a China Foreign Affairs University international relations expert said, approaching the Yongxing island is a very serious incident, because the island is Hainan Sansha municipal government. He said: "this is especially serious…… It is the core island of china." China people’s Liberation Army on the island to maintain a presence, it is said that this includes the "red flag" -9 air defense missile and fighter -11 fighter. It is reported that the number of military personnel on the island exceeds the number of civilians. In 2013, state media said three population of about 1000 people. Ni Lexiong, a critic of Shanghai’s military affairs, said: "the United States wants to say that, even without the support of Philippines, it has the will and ability to continue its freedom of navigation." Ni Lexiong said that recognizing the benefits of turning to China, there may be more countries in the region to follow the footsteps of Philippines. He said the Chinese navy has become more confident. He refers to the practice of sending two ships out of the US destroyer. He also said that both sides want to avoid any unexpected encounter. Song Zhongping, a military expert in Beijing, said: "we will not rule out friction…… But we don’t want to see that." The event is the fourth time in the past year that the United States has challenged China’s maritime claims in the region. After the United States in the South China Sea in the three "freedom of navigation" action, the U.S. warships sailed to the island of China’s voice within 12 nautical miles of the island. These actions have reacted angrily to china. China accuses the United States of causing trouble in the region. Japan’s foreign scholars website published an article on October 22nd, said 21 on the freedom of navigation action, there are two immediately highlighted. First, although the United States Navy tried to carry out "freedom of navigation" operations in the South China Sea on a regular basis, but from "William · Laurence"相关的主题文章: