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Computers-and-Technology The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a way of defining tasks performed at every step in the software development process. SDLC is a format that is followed by the development team in an IT or software enterprise. It comprises of a detailed plan that describes how to develop, retain and substitute certain software. The life cycle is all about the methodology applied for enhancing the software quality and the entire development process. SDLC is also commonly known as software development process. Types of SDLC Models There are numerous software development life cycle models followed by numerous enterprises. They are: The Waterfall Model This involves in completing the first phase comprehensively prior to starting the next one. When every phase is finished then it is reviewed to check if the assignment is on track and it is feasible for continuing. V-shaped Model This model concentrates on the deployment of procedures in a sequential way that is similar to the last model with a greater emphasis on testing. The testing processes are even written before the start of the written code. There is a systematic plan that is generated prior to the starting of the development process. Incremental Model This model comprises of several development cycles where the cycles are divided up in smaller iterations. The iterations can further be managed and go through a series of phases comprising needs, execution, design and testing. Simultaneously, a working version of the software was produced at the time of the first iteration. Hence, working software is set up early in the development process. Today companies specializing in application Lifecycle management have come up with SDLC solutions with the following objectives: To ensure delivery of high-end software Offer excellent management reporting and controls Increase productivity and timely delivery This apart the solution also has a requirement management application that ensures that all developers are working from the same playbook irrespective of where they are situated. It also ensures that that there is no expensive last minute surprises irrespective of whether the project got developed by the next door office or by an offshore partner across other geography. This apart, advanced SDLC solution offers a comprehensive assistance for every SDLC function and helps people to overcome the intricacies that are involved in the overall developmental process from the starting phase through design, analysis, execution and maintenance to disposal. It further offers a structured and a standardized procedure for every software development phase thereby assuring that all the functional user needs and strategic objectives are catered to. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: