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The unparalleled beauty of the tropical rain forest – Sohu maternal and child today, the tropical rain forest accounts for only six percent of the global surface area, but the species accounted for more than 1/2 of the world’s total. Some scientists believe that in Africa, South America Amazon basin in Congo and Southeast Asia tropical rainforest, there are millions of species. Many of these plants, insects and animal remains to be a scientific and systematic study, and even some species are still unknown. High in the rainforest canopy, many life is temporarily inaccessible, tens of thousands of species need to be gradually to know. Scientists are constantly making important discoveries. In 2006, in the mountains of Southeast Asia covering the island of New Guinea rainforest, the expedition found a human world — never set foot in a "lost paradise". Here they found a new bird, several frogs, butterflies and some plants are unheard of in science. [exclusive] DK boutique sale 35% off "marine world" "tropical rainforest" DK brand that all genuine, press directly the book price: 128.7 people may ask: "we had the chance to go to those dark forests, why spend great efforts to protect the animals and plants live in them?" We have to see that in the past few hundred years, the rich resources of the rainforest has been for the benefit of mankind. The rainforest provides food and drinks for us (such as bananas, avocado, cocoa), drugs (including cancer treatment, such as quinine — it is widely used in a variety of diseases) and Brazil rubber tree derived from a variety of industrial products. The biodiversity of rainforests has a very important influence on the development of human society. The local aborigines have opened up many secrets of the rainforest. Their life and culture are closely related to the rainforest, and they have a deeper understanding of wildlife. This collection of photography is Thomas · malente took sixteen years to complete. In this photo collection, he vividly shows us the unparalleled beauty of plants and animals in the rainforest, so that we marvel at the diversity, complexity and uniqueness of the rainforest created by nature. In the wake of the shock, the book reminds us in a special way that rainforests are very valuable and difficult to replace. Whatever its potential value, we should protect the rainforest. There is no rain forest, the earth and the earth’s human will be difficult to survive for a long time. "The DK Rainforest: Wildlife Paradise Lost" Author: Thomas · (Switzerland); malente translator: Hao Xiaojing publishing ISBN: 9787540585617 date: October 2016相关的主题文章: