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UnCategorized A links directory offers website owners the chance to build quality one way links that will help increase their website’s popularity. A links directory is a website that is designed to help people find what they are looking for on the web. Search engines allow a visitor to input keywords that they think the website they are looking for would have. They then browse through the results pages, looking for one that mentions what they are looking for. If none of the sites seem to be exactly right, the searcher might add or change the keywords they are trying, and could continue doing so until they luck upon your website. A links directory helps a searcher to find your site in a different way. Instead of using keywords to search, the person navigates through a series of categories and sub-categories to find the needed information. So if she is looking for graduate school programs in business in New York, for example, she might start with the category of Education, then a sub-category like higher education, then New York State, and then universities. If a graduate school sub-category exists too, she can continue looking specifically for business programs. This links directory has then helped the searcher to identify a series of websites that are very likely to have what she wants. A good links directory will allow a user to get to the same information by a number of different pathways in the directory. How do link directories help your page ranking, though? There’s one simple reason, the more links you have out there, the more likely someone will see one of the links. So you will probably get some ‘random’ or ‘curious’ visitors to your site just by having a higher quantity of links. But there is a better reason to use link directories. If you post your website on a links directory, you have created a one way link to your site. The more one way links out there on the web that lead back to your website, the higher the search engines will rank your site. This is because search engines take the one way links as evidence that other websites liked your site enough to link to it. If enough high-ranked, quality sites have one way links to yours, search engines will take that as evidence that you also have a good site. Although it might seem that you should only add links on highly ranked link directories, the search engines would consider this to be ‘unnatural.’ So feel free to add some links on lower ranked link directories as well as the top ones. Especially if they are ‘niche’ links directories that focus on websites related to your subject or field instead of trying to cover every category. Of course, none of this will work if your site doesn’t have the content to deliver on the promises all those one way links are making. Whatever the topic is that you are covering, be sure that you have lots of high quality, relevant, informative content that will keep the reader on your page once they get there. If you don’t, they might click on a link to your site but they won’t stick around very long if they don’t have the impression that your site might just have what they need. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: