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The second-hand car moved to limit the "stuck" – Sohu (original title: car used car limit move "stuck") in March this year, the State Council issued "several opinions on promoting the" second-hand car trading convenience, the core purpose is to facilitate the second-hand car trading, second-hand car market prosperity. In September, our province landing policy "on promoting the implementation of the views of" second-hand car trading facilities came into being, clearly requires the province of local government deadline for the abolition of the "meet the national limiting immigration policy in the use of motor vehicles emissions and safety standards of" second-hand car. In November 2nd, the reporter visited the major second-hand car trading market in the province, many car dealers from the feedback information, at present, the second-hand car relocation policy limit more suffered stuck in my province". The Guangdong Shantou, Sichuan, Gansu, Lanzhou and other places to limit the landing policy, which makes the country four standard below the second-hand car, only out of the". There are second-hand car dealers complained that the implementation of the province’s second-hand car limit transfer policy is not clear, which also resulted in a good second-hand car source can not get into the field, and the origin of local vehicles to the field of embarrassment. Reporter Liu Fei: good looking forward to cancel the move since March this year, the general office of the State Council issued the new deal, engaged in second-hand car business Liu, has been to ask the second-hand car trading market to below the national standard of four, whether the "ban". Liu know, once cancel the move, some quality in three provinces two vehicles can enter the market in our province, the local source of second-hand car can go out, as a result, the second-hand car market will be greatly active. In August 31st this year, a report by the office of the provincial government documents for car dealers as cheerful as a lark. In the eyes of Liu, "on promoting the implementation of the views of" second-hand car trading convenience is actually the documents of the State Council and the concrete implementation of the executable file. Liu said, the province canceled limit move policy, and motivated colleagues, some impatient people began to find the car in the field, some are going to the source of the car to the field to sell. The importance of roll hit more than and 10 years old Liu well versed in policy on the market of second-hand car market in touch. Liu said that in August and September this year, there have been many from Guangdong, Xinjiang second-hand car dealers to find "goods", the dividend policy seems they have aspirations. Only in September, Liu success will be the 9 country three standard Futian car brand passenger car, sold to Guangdong. Regret: new "stuck" reporter to see the office of the provincial government issued "on the promotion of second-hand car trading convenience of the implementation of views", paper, in conformity with national emissions and safety standards for motor vehicles, in the period and within the validity period of the annual second-hand car can be found in our Province the formalities of moving in the regular inspection of environmental protection, the State encourages the elimination of and except out of the vehicle requirements. So, what is the country to encourage the elimination and elimination of related vehicles? In September 23rd, the provincial Environmental Protection Office of the Nanchang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau "on the second-hand car to clear in our province environmental protection standard for instructions" in reply that the inquiry by the Ministry of environmental protection, the provincial public security department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the State encourages clear out and asked out of the vehicle is the old yellow car and. 2014, the Ministry of environmental protection, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of public security, Ministry of finance, Ministry of transport, Ministry of Commerce and other six departments issued on相关的主题文章: