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Ecommerce Online shopping has become the norm in todays world. Trillions of dollars of transactions are being processed online, and the average amount being spent on each transaction is rising each year. We have moved from buying small stuff to large appliances online with complete confidence. While many of the larger e-commerce stores invest on web security and keeping your credentials safe, several smaller stores have had hacker attacks and loss of information, leading to several consequences for shoppers; none of them pleasant! In this article, well address the most common issues in online shopping safety and give you a few tips on keeping yourself safe while transacting online. See whether the lock is on When youre on a secure website, your browsers address bar has a lock symbol on it before the URL begins. Look for it after you login. The URL has to begin with https://, indicating that the connection is secure. The lock symbol is among the simplest ways to ensure that youre on a website that follows the basic safety protocols as prescribed by banks. Some stores dont have on-page checkouts for this reason. After you load up your shopping cart, clicking on Buy Now will take you to a third party site where the financial details are uploaded. As far as possible, shop only on sites that have the lock logo and have secure checkout protocols. Always look at statements We use our credit cards so widely that our statements run into multiple pages, and many of us dont bother looking at them. Make sure you look at your statements each month especially for the card you use to transact online. If your information has been stolen or misused, youll see transactions you dont recognize on your statement and you can block your card and alert your bank to give you a refund for that amount. Customers are protected from fraud if the reporting is done immediately. If you have your mobile linked to your account and receive alerts whenever there is a transaction done on your card, even better. Dont use strange computers When youre buying something online, always use your home computer / laptop, or your personal mobile device / tablet. Do not transact online from a computer you do not recognize especially from internet cafes, airports, libraries etc. Since you have to provide your financial information online, there could be spyware hiding in the background to capture your details and misuse it. Phones are safe, but dont save all your information on them. Enter the CVV code and passcode each time separately to be doubly sure. Check out on familiar websites Do not transact online on sites you dont recognize. If there is a deal that is too good to be true, see if they offer cash on delivery as a payment option and choose that till you trust the site. Affiliate sites like are safe, as customers check out using Amazon and other popular web stores. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: