Visit Liaoning ship veterans the average age of 20 soldiers have hard work

Visit Liaoning ship veterans: the average age of 20 years of soldiers have hard work – the flight is the cause of the brave, to honor the hero. Sailing is a hero dream direction, realize the dream, we should stick to and pay. Recently, Liaoning ship from a military port in Qingdao sail unmoor, again to go to the relevant waters to carry out routine training and research. In Liaoning, there are such a group of veterans, their average age of 39 years old, the average age of soldiers for 20 years, the oldest soldiers have served for over 26 years. They gathered at the Republic of China’s first aircraft carrier troops under the banner at the forefront of the carrier construction charge, made China’s first aircraft carrier from the "ship initiative" to "every breakthrough on the ship", they are China’s first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship crew — senior noncommissioned officer. Liaoning was committed to a strong army in Liaoning harbor ideal ship ship "heart" — part of the power room, the reporter saw the Liaoning ship electromechanical Department officers in the technical backbone of the lead, make a final check on all parts before sailing. Liaoning ship electromechanical Department of a boiler monitor of class three sergeant Zhang Hua said: if the boiler is out of the question, Liaoning ship will float on the sea does not move, will lose power, our living facilities will also be affected, we can live without air conditioning, no electricity in the environment may be eating are affected. In this huge system of high technology carrier equipment, power system is running the aircraft carrier "heart", for the successful completion of the new experimental test task, electromechanical Department officers and soldiers guarding the safety of power at high temperature and high noise environment. The aircraft carrier veterans had hands hard, usually work reliable, the key moment was on top. In August 2013, Liaoning ship navigation radar at the voyage, suddenly appeared abnormal. Navigation radar can be called aircraft carrier eyes, its importance is self-evident, failure can be said to be a hair and body". Liaoning ship navigation department three Sergeant Sergeant Huang Huoming: the fault cannot be excluded if we want to change the plan, is very high to change the examination and approval authority plan report. At that time, I said that the head of the fault can be ruled out. Participate in troubleshooting navigation department sergeant Huang Huoming, with many years of practical experience and understanding of the equipment, the system state detection equipment, the fault location will eventually locked in the signal transmission path. Through further testing, that is the signal adapter plate is out of the question, the fault has been ruled out smoothly, ensure the sailing schedule. There are so many "experts" on the aircraft carrier. Liaoning ship into the column of less than two months, the successful implementation of the shipborne fighter -15 fighter for the first time stop landing and ski jump takeoff, less than 3 years forming machine integrated ability and carrier, to create a navy ship with the history of "the first full by tipping training, the first full finish ship qualification the first demonstration, interventional equipment supervision, the first post duty, first in the mixed in advance to take over key equipment cabin" a historic first. Liaoning ship political commissar Li Dongyou: Liaoning ship senior NCO group, is a typical representative of the first generation of US aircraft carrier crew, they are one of the ordinary common people, but they have ideals, to the army, in the ordinary post.相关的主题文章: