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The Portuguese West aspect, enchanted Alhambra Palace tourism Sohu bid farewell to the hills of the White Castle, Alicante drove 260 kilometers from the evening arrived at Granada Granada. Today, a total of 560 kilometers of driving, it should be the longest day of driving the West and portugal. According to the mobile phone in the Google map guide we can easily find the hotel reservation, so far everything is smooth. Two days down, driving in Spain we also have some experience, the road condition is good, the only crazy is the downtown parking. The Spanish city is not large, basically the whole town is a single line, more vehicles, so every time to find parking spaces have a headache, the key is the signs are Spanish, we basically rely on guess the " P" we will stop the car. Free parking on the roadside basically do not want to, so how to find a parking lot near and away from the hotel we are painstakingly cheap. In Granada Inn Hotel reservation can provide parking spaces, that is what we wish for. In Granada is the narrow lane, and heavy traffic, we find the hotel where the traffic along the street slowly forward, looking for a hotel reservation. I saw it! Hurry to pull over in the hotel 20 meters in front of a temporary parking lot, keep the Tony in the car, I ran to the front desk of the hotel asked a reserved parking space where. This is a The Residence Hotel, into the door, the front desk of the hotel and the rooms are on the 3 floor, climb up my breath, the front desk is a lady, I explained the situation after she smiled and said the hotel reserved parking in the door on the left side of the underground parking lot, before you can turn back, said she went downstairs with me open the door to the underground garage. We walked downstairs to her in front of the garage, we left the hotel, I also like to fly on the car, afraid of trouble while the police come to us. The car starts looking for a u-turn. The results for this one we should turn in turn half the city of granada! Because it is a one-way street, surrounded by all the vehicles, so we can see the sign of the left turn on the results turned around and lost. Farther, farther halo, road is too messy, afraid of being police copy brand fine, so we finally look around around ah, no, to set the location of the hotel, to be finally transferred back to the underground garage door is already half an hour later, and etc. Our Lady has already gone. I had to run to the 3 floor and then the lady down. The lady looked at our confusion, smiled and said, "you just in front of the parking position can directly turn back." What? But we don’t see a U-turn Isn’t that a single line? By the police arrest how to do? Hey, don’t say, the car finally stopped the firm and secure! It is better to travel outside or be careful, so as not to cause trouble. Granada is a very famous city, because the glory of Islamic to thrive today, and here can not see is Alhambra Palace. Then this!相关的主题文章: