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UnCategorized A webinar is a conference held through the Internet, where the attendees do not see each other, but all of them hear the same presentation. The webinar attendees would see all of the presenter’s slides and hear all of the presenter’s .ments via their Internet connection, but they won’t see the presenter himself or herself. Usually, advanced registration is required among prospective attendees. Depending on the scale of the webinar, there is generally an optimum number of attendees, so reserving your space early is encouraged. Plus, if you were a new.er, advanced registration would give you time to familiarize yourself with the instructions for your specific webinar, which are emailed to you together with your webinar attendance confirmation. The information you provide on your registration form helps the presenters to adapt the webinar proceedings to their audience. Once you get your webinar confirmation email, you will be informed on the URL, or the website address of the webinar. You will be instructed to download a software that would enable you to see the presenter’s slides on your own .puter. It is a good thing to download this software immediately, so you would have time to consult the webinar organizers if you run into technical problems. Sometimes, problems arise from a .puter’s security firewall settings. In any case, a telephone number and a password would also be provided for conference calls via the telephone. If you have trouble with the audio, you might want to use headphones for better sound reception. Most webinar software allow attendees to actively participate by typing in their .ments on the side bar of a screen, or if you were attending via the telephone, to ask questions over the phone. To get the audience to participate, moderators would occasionally poll the audience concerning certain issues. All of the participants’ responses would, then, be displayed on the screen. A broadband Internet connection is usually required to be able to participate in a Webinar. However, for those who have slow Internet connections, they can opt to just listen to the audio presentation via the telephone. The problem with the latter is if the webinar’s physical location were far away from your place, you would get charged long-distance rates. It would be much better to use a cell phone service with plenty of free usage time for your conference call. Most newer .puters are equipped with voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP. This enables you to hear the audio presentation through your Internet connection, without having to use your telephone. For those with older .puters, or for those who are unsure if their .puters do have VoIP, it would be best to have the .puter and the telephone to connect to the webinar. For some people, technology can be quite intimidating. However, the benefits of attending a webinar over traditional seminars are well worth your efforts to get accustomed to this technology. You save a lot from not having to travel and, of course, it is very convenient for you to actually attend a seminar without having to leave your home. The seminar .anizers are saved from having to reserve and pay for conference facilities, and from hiring a host of people to aid them in .anizing the event. So, the next time you get invited to a webinar, try it out! It’s a most enlightening experience! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: