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Exercise Today, in this digitally advanced world staying fit and active has really be.e difficult for many people than in the past. We lead a fast paced lifestyle and hence find it difficult to manage time for gym, joining sports or participating alternative means of exercises. Moreover, we easily get trapped by unhealthy meals and snacks as we are running out of time to prepare delicious and nutritious foods day in and day out. Nonetheless, physical and mental fitness are very important for our health today as well as in the future. Having good fitness level is very crucial as it helps to prevent diseases, minimize the health risks, and enjoy quality life ahead. Fitness offers us a wide variety of other benefits, from reducing stress to improving our self esteem. Fitness actually has greater impact on our lifestyle. So, it is very important to stay fit because fitness ensures mental and physical health, whilst offer several other social benefits. Physical Fitness Regular fitness regime is utmost important for long term health benefits. People must practice cardiovascular exercises daily at least for 30 minutes to reduce risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and other life threatening diseases. Maintaining physical fitness also helps you to prevent other ailments and conditions which are attached with aging. Mental Fitness Here mental fitness means maintaining mental acuity. Playing mind stimulating games like word puzzles or chess or keeping up with current events help a person to maintain their mental fitness well. People should be aware with the effects of depression, stress, anxiety on their mental fitness. Though physical activities and exercises help a person to alleviate the effects of stress, but they must also endeavor to maintain a perfect work-life balance. Working lately in office will help a person to impress their boss and get higher salary at the end of the month; however it does not make any sense to .prise on your overall health by working lately. People must prefer spending time with friends and family and get engaged in activities for enjoyment and to maintain better mental fitness. Healthy Eating Another crucial aspect for maintaining higher fitness level is eating well. Eating balance diet is always helpful as it is associated with both mental and physical fitness. Our body requires wide variety of nutrients and vitamins for a health body and mental status. So, it is important to eat healthy and wide range of foods that are high in proteins and carbohydrates along with other nutrients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: