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Business First of all when you are looking for ribs for sale the boat must be from decent stock, dont think that just because a rib is new and shiny it is built right, most chinese built boats are manufactured by .panies that dont know the first thing about ribbing around on the sea or boat building. In fact many of the manufacturers out in China havent even the first clue about what makes a good boat or how to build one. If you asked them the optimum deadrise for a rib to be used in rough water you may as well be speaking swahili to them… So stick to a name that has proven itself like humber, Seapro, ribcraft, osprey etc and you wont go wrong. Like when you are looking for outboards for sale, you need to know what you are buying is not going to fail on you, so stick to yamaha, honda, tohatsu or mariner outboards. Now on to the actual boat, first of all you need to look at the hull, it must be dead straight along the keel and chines, no warping, twists or waves, these are all bad news, look at the GRP thickness, and the thickness and strength of the gelcoat, to do this you are going to need to either drill a small hole in the boat if you are buying used ribs, or if you are looking for new ribs for sale you can go direct to the manufacturer (pay them an impromptu visit) and ask to see some boats in the manufacturing stage, then you will be able to see the thicknesses of the various materials used, you can look beneath the outer skin of the boat, and really get to know what lies beneath. After the hull you need to look at the strengthening, there are two types, lateral and longitudinal strengtheners, doesnt matter which the .pany uses but the more the merrier. Most british ribs for sale will have lateral strengthening, whereas most european new ribs have longitudinal strengthening as a rough rule of thumb. Whilst at the factory you can talk to the men on the floor, ask them if they use the boats and for instance what outboards for sale they would put on the back of the boat you are thinking of, inside information is the most useful, would they choose the 150hp optimax from mariner outboards, or will the 150hp yamaha 4 stroke be better? Once you have considered the build and are happy that your chosen brand is put together right, get onto the website where you will find many ribs for sale and find the best price!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: