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Software What should we do if we lost windows password? Perhaps we could ask an administrator to recover windows password. But if you are the administrator, and you do not remember the administrator password. The problem is a little complicated and probably difficult to recover administrator password again. Before formatting and reinstalling Windows on your computer, here are some ways you can try to log into the system to recover passwords for Windows. 1st: Try the Backdoor Password Administrator Login In Windows XP not enabled by default (not Windows Vista as Administrator account is not enabled by default), there is a built-in administrator account that has administrator privileges by default, and protected without a password for your account, of which about access. If you do not change administrator password, then you try to log in Windows XP without entering a password. 2st: Take a break and try to remember a forgotten password Sometimes a person is a bit strange. You do not get what is needed urgently. Thus, a cafe, a wink or even a few days, you notice that you suddenly remember your Windows password. 3st: Recover administrator password from another user account with administrator credentials If you can’t log on windows with a particular user, but you can have in another account with administrator credentials, follow these steps : 1. Log in with an administrator account password that you’ve learned. You may have to start WinXP in safe mode. 2. Click the Start button and select Run. 3. In the Open box, type "Control userpasswords2, and then click OK. 4. Click the user account, you forgot your password, then click Reset Password. 5. Enter the new password in New Password and Confirm New Password, then click OK. 4st: Do-It-Yourself (DIY) third-party Windows Password Recovery Tool There are a number of tools and utilities that are loaded and used to collect, reset or recover windows passwords. Password reset or restore utility services, free or paid, as a rule, the Linux boot diskette or CD-ROM, which is set to NT File System (NTFS) drivers and software for recording Play and record hashes is or can brute force crack password for all users, including administrators. The advantage is that there is no fear of leaking your password to outsiders and it is convenience for administrator password recovery , while the process requires physical access to the console and a floppy or CD drive, depending on which tool you choose. And its not easy, although it always work! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: