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Home-Improvement When a homeowner hands over a payment to his siding contractor, he usually walks away with the .fort that the work in question is going to last for a long time. That sort of expectation is certainly not unreasonable. These days, some higher quality .panies such as New Jerseys Jeruco Exteriors are offering as much as a 20-year warranty on siding installation. While you might feel good about that at first, dont forget that time can eventually take a toll on the work at hand. Even if your siding .pany did a terrific installation job, throughout the years, your siding is bound to get damaged. In fact, youll probably reach a point where you start to wonder whether it makes more sense to keep shelling out those hard-earned dollars for siding repair, or whether its time to replace your old siding with a fresh, new exterior. Siding repair can be a simple job given the right circumstances. Replacing a missing siding panel or securing a couple of loose siding pieces can be a quick, inexpensive job. But the more intricate the repair job, the more money it is likely to cost. Many siding .panies are willing to provide repair services even if they didnt work on the original installation. But sometimes even a cheap repair is just plain uneconomical as far as the homeowner is concerned. So how do you know when to keep paying for siding repairs and when to simply cut your losses? The first and most important thing to do is heed the advice of a trustworthy siding contractor. Dont assume that a suggestion to replace your siding is really just an attempt on the contractors part to drum up more business. Some contractors can actually do quite well on simple siding patch-ups. So if youre being told that the situation is far too dire for repair, then consider the fact that the contractor might actually have your best interests in mind. Ruben Jeruco, the owner of Jeruco Exteriors, always does his best to guide customers towards the decision that will make the most financial sense. A .mon scenario in which siding replacement is the best option is wood siding that has truly deteriorated over time. Unfortunately, little can be done with old, rotted wood. Instead of spending a considerable amount of money to have the wood treated, sanded, and repainted in an attempt to salvage it, it makes a lot more sense to simply replace it with relatively inexpensive vinyl. Vinyl siding is usually easier to repair than wood because the panels tend to .e in and out quite easily. However, if the original siding installation was done a long time ago by a .pany that is no longer in business, then it might not be possible to find an exact (or decent) match for the materials that were used. In this case, a contractor is likely to re.mend that the siding be replaced altogether, as any repair job would result in a mismatched, unsightly look. While some contractors might be less trustworthy than others, its important to remember that not all contractors are created equal. Believe it or not, some good guys like Ruben Jeruco are out there who actually have their customers best interests at heart. If youre too cynical to accept that, then consider the following: A good siding contractor wont claim to fix something that he cant. Because when he fails, his reputation is on the line. So whether your faith lies in the potential goodness of humanity or the inherent desire for man to not look like a failure, remember that when a siding contractor says replace, dont repair, he says it for good reason. Youll save yourself a whole lot of money and frustration if youre smart enough to listen. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: