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Bury your money in what place can not devalue (please indicate the source: WeChat public number lixunlei0722) recently, the dollar index rose, the devaluation rate began to accelerate, the panic began to spread, such as the day of October 17th Shanghai B shares fell more than 6%, even in dollar denominated assets are not safe, I really do not know what what hold. Since we all feel that the cash is not safe, deposit bank interest rates are too low, the amount of money for the dollar limit, fear of buying a house at a high point. So, what is the way to make your money does not devalue it? Why something buried in the ground so valuable I found a phenomenon, who dug from the ground things are generally very valuable, even if only a few coins. Moreover, the longer the more valuable, because the older, the probability was destroyed on the ground is greater, such as fire, war and other natural calamities and man-made misfortunes. Even back to the era of peace, on the ground of risk valuables destroyed or large, such as the era of the great leap forward in order to make iron and steel, many people put the metal ware old home dedication out into the melting furnace. During the cultural revolution, in order to break the four old, and destroyed a large number of cultural relics. Things to appreciate the ground must meet two conditions, one is buried in the ground for a long time and no damage, and the ground is buried on the ground is almost no two. If you only look at these two conditions, you may not necessarily have to be buried in the ground to appreciate, because buried in the ground most of the things, the longer the more perishable. You can actually do you think the future will become scarce things buried in the bottom to do mouldproof moistureproof, better effect than buried in the ground. There’s just one thing – the time is long enough. For example, why has a very high collection value of ancient porcelain, some of the auction price of billions of dollars — such as chicken cylinder cup, because it is not only scarce and easily broken, the longer, the higher the probability of breaking. Now a large number of ancient porcelain was found, many of which are obtained through the ancient wreck salvage. However, if we want to collect modern porcelain, the general will not make sense, after all, in the production of the machine, the amount is too large, only the collection of famous. However, all kinds of modern commodity in the tens of thousands of, there are many varieties will become increasingly scarce, and has the collection value, such as the old old car camera, etc., these goods will experience a natural selection process or discarded, thus becoming scarce. There are things that are artificially destroyed and become scarce, such as the old version of the renminbi, the central bank will be in a new way to replace the old version of the old currency and destroyed, making it eventually disappear in the field of currency circulation. Careful study of the pricing rules of the coin market, you will find that the scarcity of high valuation. Such as the beginning of 1950s, due to the first set of RMB circulation is too large, leading to hyperinflation, from January 1949 to February 1950, the country’s 13 major cities in the country’s wholesale price index rose by a factor of 91. Arguably, money flooding to the point where almost become waste paper. Therefore, the people’s Bank of the monetary contraction in response to inflation, issued second RMB, and according to the ratio of 1:10000 to recover the first set of RMB, which is 10 thousand yuan of old only 1 yuan of new money, with the.相关的主题文章: