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White shoe out this autumn female star independent pet fisherman shoes lead: baby, look down at what shoes you wear today? Are still small white shoes? You should try more shoes, right?! So, let’s talk about straw shoes those things. Why is the straw shoes? Because it is convenient and comfortable durable fresh and simple with all-match….. Was a French national shoes, after a variety of improvements have also been loved by other countries, ladies, well, if you do not buy the home after reading this article will start! (source: @philtre) Alessandra Ambrosio love beans feet a pair of straw shoes now, straw shoes become more diversified, but also become the focus of fashion. It’s no wonder that fashion people have already had a pair of feet! Alessandra Ambrosio here, have to say that Brazil supermodel Alessandra Ambró SiO, she is bold straw shoes capital control! Apart from Alessandra, they’re wearing! "Born clothes rack" Gigi Hadid Miranda Kerr happy freaky Hilton home two miss NicHOLAi Olivia Hilton Alexa Chung Behati Miss bell pumpkin Prinsloo Xinjiang beauty Di Ali Gerba Mermaid Lin Yun straw shoes that style straw shoes as comfortable and fashionable styles of power play, certainly not a single, absolute can give you more choices. A convenient straw shoes, straw pedal convenient, summer essential pedal design, durable and comfortable with straw, lazy woman should love die! Two popular +1 straw shoes, straw shoes shoes band is especially popular this year, so if the straw shoes combine these popular elements will impact what kind of spark? Street demonstration thick stripes style street shooting Master Bangdai, all love to wear it to dress collocation. Street demonstration three, shorty Gospel slope with straw shoes although most described above is a section of the straw shoes, but also not short sister paper mulberry heart, because there are wedges can save you. Slope with the design of the legs can be visually elongated lines, but remember to choose a simple and generous slope with style oh. How to take out straw straw shoes shoes style, of course, to those things to talk about the collocation. A street demonstration, dating dress – straw shoes + dress don’t look like straw shoes very casual look, but as long as the choice of the appropriate style to dress collocation, can also be very very gentle lady, favorably compared with high heels. Street shot with the same pattern with the show temperament! Street demonstration two, commuter outfit – straw shoes + nine pants pants nine straw shoes collocation not only handsome neat, more important is the exposed ankle can thin thin oh. Street girl wearing a full sense of the demonstration pants collocation straw shoes, remember to put the foot trousers volume oh! Street beat demonstration!相关的主题文章: