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Pets There are many stages that we go through in our lives that call for adjustments. Starting as a child we need to adjust to the different spaces that we are put in. We go from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin bed. We adjust to sharing our bedroom spaces to having a space of our own. When we go on to college we often have to adjust to once again sharing out space with others in dorm rooms or shared housing. Fro some people this is not an issue, but for others it is a difficult transition. When we marry or move in with our partner we need to adjust to them. My mother is going through one of the hardest adjustments that we need to make in life. She is adjusting to not only being alone after fifty-one years of marriage, but also moving to a much smaller space. After my father died it became obvious that my mother could not take care of the five-bedroom farmhouse that she and dad had shared for over forty years. The house was large and old and she was not safe trying to go up and down stairs to do laundry and to get to the upstairs bedroom area. We considered remodeling the house, but we were also concerned about her living out in the country by herself with a large yard and the need for snow removal services in the winter. She agreed to move into a senior high rise building in the small town that was located close to the farm. Moving from a five-bedroom house in the country to a one-bedroom apartment in town was quite an undertaking. She needed to get rid of many belongings. My mother loved being outdoors so the biggest thing for her to get used to was opening her door and being in a hallway. We wanted to give her some reminders of being of the farm so we bought window bird feeders for her to have in the living room and bedroom. She had always fed the birds at home so this was something that she could still enjoy. The window bird feeders were shaped like a small house. They are made of clear plastic so they are lightweight and they suction cup to the windows. The roof of the house keeps the seeds dry. At first we were concerned that the window bird feeders would not stay on the windows, but the instructions that came with them worked. We were instructed to clean the space on the window where the suction cup would be with rubbing alcohol. We then put a very thin layer of vegetable oil on the suction cup and stuck it on the window. The suction cup fit very firmly. We filled the dishes with food and within a day the birds were .ing to eat. We kept the bag of food in the closet and each time someone visited we would put more in the feeders. Mom gets a great deal of enjoyment watching the birds .e to her window bird feeders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: