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Yan Cheng: 00 Car Buying for young consumers to create consumer platform – car Sohu [editor’s note] November 17, 2016, sponsored by the China market society, automobile Sohu, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of automotive industry guidance, Chinese Automobile Circulation Association special support "Tenth China automobile marketing channel Competitiveness Forum Financial Development Summit held in Guangzhou. Many industry experts, car companies and dealers, automobile financial elite gathered auto channel change and Internet plus trend of new business, new forces under auto finance, in-depth discussion. The following is the general manager of Sohu automotive division, the Chinese Market Association (Automotive) marketing expert committee executive secretary Yan Cheng speech. First of all I am very grateful to all of you new and old friends, the annual Guangzhou auto show is the automotive industry’s big party, every time the automobile industry event has been set, we can look forward to next year’s plan. Now Sohu car to share with you in the automotive field of new exploration, new ideas. Today to share with you the topic is: young network original residents consumer groups rise. Now the young group is 80, when they are more than and 10 years old, the Internet has been very mature, they basically grew up with the network from the beginning, they are the original inhabitants of the network. This young group has become an important car buyer. To share with you, according to the age distribution, 80 after 90 accounted for more than 1/3, 90 percent of the proportion of new car owners increased from 2014 to 9% in. Look at the original network consumption view: first, they are the first generation network original residents, they pay to buy online network habits more; second, they pay more attention to the pursuit of brand concept; third, they spend more money to buy a car, as before. We look at our car finance penetration growth: 2011 car when the growth rate was 12%, up 25% in 2015 this year, it is no more than 30%, but in 2020 the penetration will reach 50%, the market size exceeded 2 trillion, which is the largest market. Young consumer groups will become the main body of auto financial consumption. 2015 there is a data, 80% of the loan ratio was 25.87%, ranking first in all ages. 2016 80 after considering the proportion of car credit consumption is 57%, compared to 80, 90 more ahead of more open. In fact, this comparison, past and present consumption is different. In the past, there was enough money to buy a car. But now we have a car needs, want to buy what car to change, when you now have to pay a lot of money shortage of financial means, the means of payment are very flexible. For Sohu, it is a network of young consumer groups cheaper, we look at 35 years of age to reach the age of 39.75%, up to 26.64% years old and above. In fact, this is the case of education, master’s degree and above is 7%, undergraduate is 49%, college is 27%, Sohu’s friends are young,.相关的主题文章: